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Throughout my years at high school many teachers have helped shape me as a person

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´╗┐People who stand up for what they believe in tend to lead better lives, if you don?t have anything that you stand for then you are really shorting yourself out of a great and full life. Personally Being an eagle scout has helped me and planted the values of religion, family and teamwork in me. Scout has helped me so much I can't even tell you. As we go through school we are learning new things every day and I think that we never can know everything and that you need to keep an open mind so the new info can be learned. ...read more.


I have always liked science class (no offense English) but I have always liked science and social better. I also have been very good at them for example I got a 97 on my earth science exam and a 98 on my biology exam and have been in the honors program for all of the classes. I hope to reach the point of attaining the regents diploma with distinction as my high school diploma. Eventually I want to go to school for biomedical engineering with a masters in forensics and a potentially a PhD in forensics and chemical engineering. ...read more.


She was told to us to ne the meanest teacher that was at that school, but when we got into the first couple weeks of school we realized why the other kids thought that. She was a tough cookie and she meant business but if you did the work then you would do very well. She taught me that if you really put your mind to something than anything can happen because I thought I was going to fail the exam from the moment I stepped in that door but she was not going to let that happen. By far she was the most influential teacher I had the chance to learn from. ...read more.

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