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Topic: Should Smoking Be Banned In Public Places?

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Topic: Should Smoking Be Banned In Public Places? Startling new evidence shows that a quarter of all teenagers who currently smoke cigarettes will die at the age of 70 when early prevention could have increased their life expectancy by up to 23 years. These new facts portray that smoking is a drastic health issue at the present day, which costs the NHS on average �1.7 billion a year. Not always does this include occasional or heavy smokers but also passive smokers. This causes the same effect as it would during normal smoking. More passive smokers die each year because of this form of smoking. This is most common around public areas where smokers are allowed to smoke freely without a second thought to what they are doing to everyone surrounding them. Not only are they effecting and damaging them selves, but also the people around them. In defence to this I have to say that it's the person's own choice to smoke where ever they go. ...read more.


This shouldn't be ruined by smokers blowing their smoke around and letting it to be breathed in by even youngsters. Many people do go to the town but not only to be greeted by smokers but even worse. Car exhausts produce much more harmful gases than that of a cigarette. Lead compounds in the air destroy your lungs and can poison you. Carbon monoxide can cause a great deal of damage though no cars have been removed from public places. Targeting smokers is unfair and is discriminating against them enjoying them selves. Smokers not only pollute public areas but also pollute the ground. When you glance down at the ground there are numerous cigarette ends lying about. An unsuspecting child could pick these up and put them in their mouths. Not only are adults at risk from smokers smoking in public areas but also children have a greater risk, as their lungs are not fully developed. ...read more.


This type of ban would also be drastic as smokers pay thousands a year, the money then goes to the government and they use the money to aid public transport, new roads and better lifestyles for people to day and also better service to the community. The smokers have a right to smoke as they are aiding the community. This injection of money into the government by the smokers should not be thrown back into the smokers faces with advertising campaigns to stop smoking and health warnings on each packet. Since the government are getting this massive sum of money, why then are they wanting to ban it? Banning smoking will bring in less money into public services, schools and the community. To conclude I think that smoking should most definitely be banned in public places as to protect the next generation from the harmful effects of smoking and to discourage teenagers to start as I have found this to be the immediate source of the problem. ...read more.

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