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Trapped. So as most nights I resign myself to staring around at the numerous bland features that make up this plain, dull cell of which Ive come to hate and loath.

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Trapped Silence has finally taken over. All over sounds having faded out, now at long last rest will come to me. Thud. That noise. Thud, thud. Why does this awful noise prolong my agony by keeping from the bliss of nothingness that is sleep? Thud. It's as if the noise itself comes from within me. Thud. My heart. And yet now as I lie here I slowly I realise that no matter what I do or how long I'm willing to wait for my thoughts are going to keep me wide awake all night. So as most nights I resign myself to staring around at the numerous bland features that make up this plain, dull cell of which I've come to hate and loath. The building itself seems to mock me knowing how it traps me, ensnares my freedom and forces me to live this never-ending nightmare day in, day out. No escape. This place destroys all your feelings and emotion, your soul is stripped away and you are left bare. A bitterly cold breeze interrupted the raving going on in my head. ...read more.


A sweet perfume wafted up my nostrils dispelling the pain coursing through my head; nevertheless the smell sent a new sensation through me. Something I can't quite put my finger, nothing like the clean artificial air of the prison, something different. Whilst trying to discover what the scent it sent old memories flooding into my mind, it was the sugary scent of nature. A sense of nostalgia filled the air, fields, grass, trees, hedges. Recollections of running wild, throughout the countryside. Learning to ride a bike. Breaking my arm. Building a tree house. And now this, how can one idiotic moment lead to years of being trapped in this hellish nightmare? That delightful aroma only increases my sense of enclosure and longing for the outside world, just one day outside to breathe in that fresh, unmarked air, to smell the fragrant pollen being carried away from the exquisite flowers it came from. To see the sparkling morning dew glisten on a stunning spiders web, to feel the clear, icy water rush past my fingertips on its way to the sea. ...read more.


With the help of the early morning sunlight I can see what I did not earlier and that between the frame and the wall lays a gap where some of the wall has been worn down after time just large enough to make the window unstable. Using one of the metal forks left from the evening meal I slipped it into the gap and using all my strength pulled. Nothing moved. Rage engulfed my mind converting every piece of hate and anger I feel into strength, and once more I pulled using every ounce of effort to try and free the window. Movement, I could feel that slight budge under my fingers and saw the crack widen, hope now entered my mind. Throwing away the fork I got a firm grip with my fingertips and heaved with even more vigour. Now I could hear the concrete start to break, letting a sliver of light shine on me, despite the blood starting to trickle down my hands and the pain that came with it I continued to pull, determined. Snap. The window came away in my hands stained in blood but I didn't care, as in its wake there lay a gaping hole leading to what I had been dreaming of. Escape. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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