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Travelling in Portugal

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Travelling In Portugal Favourite places always have a special quality. They bring out something uniquely important to us. They may be observation spots that have beautiful views or locations with a thrilling atmosphere. However some and yourself may not care for crowds and prefer somewhere secluded where you are safe and alone. A place where your mind is engaged with the surroundings yet you can still reflect upon the world and its surroundings. Such a place is Portugal, a small country located towards the west of Spain. I say small because i like to be somewhere that has a sense of history but civilisation has long since departed, leaving the traditional Portugal behind and creating a magical land for travellers and tourists. Generally around 1.6 million British nationals visit Portugal every year and Going abroad during the summer can be a very exciting experience however some may also find it daunting! This leaflet is especially created to explain every aspect of your travel experience and giving you the knowledge and advise on any issues that are to occur during your travels and how to respond, leaving you to enjoy your travelling experience. ...read more.


* You may consider taking out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before travelling to help cover any unexpected costs such as medical bills or stolen belongings. * It is recommended to apply for a free European Health Insurance Card to be eligible for state provided medical treatment that may become necessary in an emergency during your trip to Portugal: you can apply here: www.ehic.org.uk ; 0845 606 2030 (UK) * Take enough medication and money to cover any unforeseen extended stays or emergencies. * Drink sensibly, take care if driving and let people know if you plan to go off the beaten track Essentials During your travelling endearment it is recommended that you bring plenty of food with you unless if you plan to dine at restaurants bring snacks to boost your energy levels during the day to help you maintain the greatest experience in Portugal. From a past visit i highly advocate that you feast at one of Portugal's many traditional restaurants with their special dishes, i guarantee it is worth every penny! ...read more.


Essential Words Socorro! Help! Ambul�ncia Ambulance Pol�cia Police Fogo! Fire! Bombeiros Firemen Fala ingl�s? Do you speak English? Places to Visit Alfama Alfama is the oldest quarter found in the capital of Lisbon. Winding and narrow medieval streets offer unique views of the area. This ancient quarter is a village inside a city with whitewashed homes, tiny squares, interesting churches, and wrought iron balconies strung with flower pots and drying laundry. Alfama is a revered destination when in Lisbon and provides many things to do in Portugal. Conimbriga Ruins Things to do in Portugal include a visit to the Conimbriga Ruins which is like a step back into the lives of the Romans. Greek mythological characters are portrayed among the ruins and can be seen via a walk through the old streets and houses with courtyards full of vibrant mosaics in one of the oldest Portugal attractions in the country. Carnaval Tourist attractions in February include Carnaval which is the most exciting festival in the country. Feast your eyes on colourful costumes, traditional dances and boisterous marches and tourists and locals alike celebrate this pre-Lent feat in style and with great fever and excitement! ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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