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Turned to walk towards him and as I did I saw something out of the corner of my eye, I looked again and I saw a car heading towards the front door of the hotel then there was a boom and a bomb exploded

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CRISIS!!!!! I was on a trip to London on the 26th of December 2004 and was staying in the Hilton Hotel in the centre of London, It was the Christmas work do and I was all dressed up to the nines ready to go down to the restaurant to meet up with all my colleagues, I walked into the reception area and looked for someone I knew I saw my boss in the restaurant, I turned to walk towards him and as I did I saw something out of the corner of my eye, I looked again and I saw a car heading towards the front door of the hotel then there was a boom and a bomb exploded and all hell broke loose. Glass, wood, plaster and even people flew through the air at a rate of knots. There was blood and bodily organs strewn everywhere, it was a mess and it smelt like a sewer works, it seemed that time had stood still, I tried to get up to try and walk to minimise the effects of the chemicals that had been released into the air to be absorbed into my body to slowly and painfully kill me. ...read more.


I looked down and saw a round piece of metal around the bottom half of my leg and was slightly shocked at the sight of it. Just then the doctor walked in, I could make him out because of his white coat. The policeman and doctor spoke for what seemed like 3 hours, then the policeman asked me again what had happened. I told him in my half-asleep state that I couldn't remember completely, he then explained that a suicide bomber had driven a car laden full with bombs into the wall and detonated all the bombs. At the time it didn't all sink in. The doctor advised the police that I should rest and to come back later when I had fully recovered. When I had it dawned on me that I had come so close to death I could hardly believe it, but I was so happy that I was alive for my wife and kids, that a tear trickled down my cheek. The police came back and told me that my friend Bob had been killed. ...read more.


I broke down in tears at the thought of only being able to see my beautiful daughter through only one eye. Just then my little daughter of only 4 walked in and said "what has happened to your eye daddy" I told her that a nasty person drove a car into a building daddy was in and hurt daddy a lot but the nice policeman is going to find out why the naughty man drove the car into the building. Just then the nurse came in and asked if Chloe (my daughter) wanted to go to the play room, the doctor walked in and I was told that I was being moved from ICU (intensive care unit) to a standard ward. After 3 weeks I was allowed to go home. I have received lots of help from a lot of people. To this day I have been gradually getting better and will soon be able to walk without crutches. Without my wife and my daughter I would not have been able to get though this CRISIS!!!!! ?? ?? ?? ?? Darren Rowbotham \\Srv004\students$\077501\English\Fictional story.doc ...read more.

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