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Twelfth Night is one of Shakespeare's best-loved and most performed comedies because it is a joyous celebration of romantic love. Do you agree?

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Twelfth Night is one of Shakespeare's best-loved and most performed comedies because it is a joyous celebration of romantic love. Do you agree? Twelfth Night is popular due to being a joyous celebration of romantic love. A lot of people would agree with this statement but many would also not agree. In this essay I will be summing up both points of view and ending with a balanced summary and decision. The title of the play is 'Twelfth Night.' This is to do with being the twelfth night of Christmas on which (at the time of the plays production) wealthy households used to have a custom of allowing the jester to run the household. This would mean turning their lives upside-down for a day. The theme of their lives being turned upside-down is one that re-occurs throughout the play. With everyone's lives being turned upside-down everything is a comic mess which makes Twelfth Night funny and comical. The restoration of harmony is when Viola reveals her identity. In this final scene everyone and everything returns to normality. For some people the restoration of harmony is a bad thing and their lives turn back to normality for the worse, but for most it means marriage and happiness with their loving partner. ...read more.


He is in love with what her love for him means to him. Olivia is supposed to be in a house of mourning after the death of her brother and swears to mourn his death for 7 years. However, she does not love him as much as she pretends because when Cesario turns up at her household to bring messages from Orsino she falls in love with him almost instantaneously completely forgets about her brother and the fact that she is supposed to be mourning his death. She does not hesitate to unveil herself to Cesario when he asks to see her face. She therefore does not love him to the extent that she tries to show. Olivia falls in love with Cesario but she does not realise Cesario is actually female and is called Viola. She is disguised to look like a man so that she could work for Count Orsino. She is disguised to most throughout the play and they only know that she is female at the end of the play when she reveals herself to everyone. Sebastian is the only person who knows Violas identity throughout the play except on the filmed version by Trevor Nunn where Feste knows about the true identity of Viola as he sees her on shore of Illyria. ...read more.


He is telling the audience that they can escape their lives for the time that they are in the theatre and get out of the 'wind and the rain.' For the audience this may make them feel that they want to come to the theatre again to see the same play or a similar one so it is almost advertising. In this essay I have shown different points of view and different themes to suggest whether Twelfth Night is a joyous celebration of romantic love. I have discussed different characters, alternative interpretations, language, theatricality, and looked into the context of the play to help find an answer to the essay question. After writing the essay I believe that it is a joyous celebration of romantic love but that there is more to it. I believe that Twelfth Night is open to very different interpretations and no two people would have the exact same views on the play after seeing it. I believe Twelfth Night was not meant to be thought over and over but just to be enjoyed at the theatre and to let people free from the real world for a couple of hours and a bit of fun. 2,145 words ...read more.

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