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Two days in a Valley.

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Two days in a Valley By Nayan Patel "Wow! A helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon! I've wanted to go since Neil told me all about it. I can't wait, thanks dad, this is going to be great." I shouted excitedly, jumping up and down. "Calm down, Nayan, I know you've never been on a helicopter before, none of us have. It will be a new experience for all of us." My dad replied, trying to calm me down. When my family and I- me, aged 14, my sister, aged 11 and my mum and dad- left the hotel the next day, we were all very excited and it was only 9 o'clock in the morning. We were so excited, that we didn't care that the bus which came to pick us up was late. When we got to the preparation building, the people there weighed us and showed us a safety video. We then got handed a playing card each: my sister got an eight of diamonds, I got a ten of clubs, my mother got a queen of hearts and my father got a king of spades. These cards were to act as our ticket to show to the pilot before entering the helicopter. We finally got to go to the helicopter and met the pilot. ...read more.


The pilot told us that while we were resting he was going to go and try to get a radio signal from a ledge he had spotted about 200 metres from our current location. Page 2 As my dad was climbing the tree, my sister said that she was feeling cold, so I thought I would try to make a fire. I was trying to start a fire using the wood bits I had chipped off from the fallen tree, some paper from my pockets, some dried grass from the floor and the pilot's lighter. For some reason it didn't work very well. I got some wood alight but it went out. Then I realised that there was too much wind blowing from the east. I simply turned round and faced the other way and I got it to light again and stay lit. I could begin to see a shadow falling in the gorge as I felt the chill of the dark. Everything was silent now all I could hear was the roar of the river and the noise of the crickets. It was starting to get quite dark now and we didn't know what we were going to eat for dinner, how we were going to build a shelter of some sort and where we were going to sleep. ...read more.


"We could make a smoke signal using the fire and a bed sheet from the hut," I told him. "Yeah, that's a good idea, Nayan," he replied. "OK, then lets get to it." We started the fire like before and took a bed sheet and waved it over the fire, making a smoke signal. The smoke was big enough to get us noticed because we could hear the helicopter coming from around a corner in the valley. We became so excited and relieved that we were getting rescued, that we forgot about the sheet that had caught fire. After we put the fire out, the helicopter came and landed on the site of the burnt ashes. There was a paramedic on board who came out first and had a look at my sister's arm. He unwrapped the bandage and put some special cream which made her frown. Then we all got on board the helicopter, which looked like the one we had gone down in. "So much for the safety video," I said jokingly. "I'm never flying on a helicopter again," my mum said, relieved that she was going back. "Me too," my sister said, "I'm also never eating any berries without thinking again." There was just one thing I wanted to know. What happened to the helicopter that was so bad that made it lose fuel? Page 4 ...read more.

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