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Unforgotten words

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Unforgotten words Franchessca woke to the sound of a distant Will Young playing on the television downstairs. It was Saturday again, which meant she'd stay in bed for as long as possible, or until her boyfriend called her. She sat up in bed to be blinded by the light from the window. "Good morning sunshine" Franchessca said before stretching and yawning. The house was the same unusual quiet that it was on a Saturday morning, her mum still in bed and her brother crashed out on the couch probably stuffing his face with the first, most unhealthy thing he could find in the kitchen. She decided to go downstairs for some breakfast. "Joel get up you lazy get! Jo is right, all you ever do is eat and sleep!" she stormed past him into the kitchen to put the kettle on for her mum. It was turning Eleven o'clock so she decided to stay downstairs and wait for Jo to call. ...read more.


"Hello?.... Oh hiya Jo how are you baby... My dad's coming down today so I don't know what time.... Say 3o'clock?.... Yeah ok I'll see you later hunny, love you loads, bye." Franki had always dominated the conversation between the two, but Franki always dominated all of her conversations. She was a very loud girl, who never liked to see anyone hurt. She was extremely kind and outgoing and had a beautiful smile that could make anyone feel a whole lot better. Jo praised the ground she walked on and when she entered a room all eyes were on her. She had an elegant flow when she entered a room, which caught all males' attention, making a lot of girls jealous of the attention she received. One particular girl who envied her was a petite girl called Lucy. The kind you avoid if you don't want people to stare at you. ...read more.


Unlike other adults she didn't brush them aside, but she listened to them and respected them. Jo liked her a lot. She had an amazing relationship with Franchessca, more like best friends than mother and daughter. The two were very alike and made Jo laugh a lot. Suzy looked like a sister rather than her mum and despite the number 43, you would think she was a 21-year-old if you hadn't met her. She was vibrant and cheerful with a wicked sense of humour and was very good at bitching about people, Jo enjoyed listening to her bitching and had more than once nearly choked on his tea laughing. Jo took off his coat and hung it on the end of the stairs, then he went into the living room to wait for Franki. She was always upstairs blow-drying her hair when Jo arrived at her house. Leaving Jo to chat to her mum for a few minutes. Jo liked to talk to Suzy and found her very interesting, she was a very clever woman with an amazing knowledge of almost anything you could think of. ...read more.

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