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Unmitigated blackness surrounded me, as the bag crumpled over my head and my weak body was heaved up and slung effortlessly over someones shoulder, as though I was a mere ragdoll.

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The albino moon cast luminous shadows through cracks in the weather-beaten roof over me. I lay there, worn out, the sweat staining my face as I felt the burden of my life growing heavier on the weight of my shoulders. The Israeli grounds on which I was, were what I had become accustomed to, and yet remained so foreign. Questions poured through my brain, as they had done each previous night for as long as I could remember. Why was I here? Why had God bestowed such pain upon a life so young as mine? Unmitigated blackness surrounded me, as the bag crumpled over my head and my weak body was heaved up and slung effortlessly over someone's shoulder, as though I was a mere ragdoll. Through a tear in the tattered bag, came streams of light from which I could make out somber images. Fires, burning cruelly around me, I caught sight of the inscrutable expression of my carrier. He was an Israeli man that much was clear from the distinct accent and unmistakable beard. I had been told a lot by my parents about them, about how they were the root of all evil; about how the war we found ourselves in was all their fault; about how we Palestinians were never to talk to them. Fear and anxiety flooded over me, as I wondered where I was being carried to. I could hear screaming all around me, the voices of children and adults united as one, by the angst in their shouts. ...read more.


They were both very similar in nature and in structure, but the master lacked the care and compassion Father was never shy to offer me. "Haifa, Haifa Haifa", he said, repeating my name 3 times as he was accustomed to doing when he wanted a favour, "Crops look a little long." I stared back at him blankly, still trying to work out what it was he was intending for me to do. Unimpressed by my lack of initiative, rage overcame him, and his soft and gentle tone quickly turned into something less patient. With his hand gripped around my neck, he dragged me towards the field, using his flashlight as guidance to avoid the other Palestinian children, bent over scrubbing the floors of the camp. Throwing me forcefully to the ground, and leaving his more implicit nature for another time, he ordered me to uproot the crops. Kicking me twice before leaving, he left me to pick myself up and continue with the job at hand, with an Israeli man of about 25 to watch on. I was not alone in the menial labour of the crops; joining me was another girl. Her face was one I had seen around, but I couldn't match name to face. She was of a similar age to me, that much was clear by her size and her naivety in the hope that one day she too will one day be returned back to her home. ...read more.


Even so, I could hear the trodden footsteps of the man, gaining on us, each rhythmic step growing faster and faster. I thought of how I would greet my family when I returned to Televiv, and thought of the expressions of glee they would have spread across their faces as they realised their beloved daughter had returned. Caught in my own mind of glory, and hope of freedom, I had given no concern to the raging voice of the master, just audible from afar. However, the moment of happiness and freedom, as I ran hand in hand, memories of home flooding me, was short lived. Abruptly, I felt the weight of a body on top of me, and I crumpled to the ground, spread bald-eagled in a heap. I lay there, face pinned against the floor, a hand forcefully grabbing my legs to help stop my frantic resists. I gave up. I looked in submission and rejection to the heavens, knowing this was to be a grave mistake. This lifestyle of Israeli camp was that of which I was bestowed by god, and no stupid moment of self belief and immunity could change this. I glanced upon the face of the girl next to me. She was not showing the franticly worried expression which I was, nor was she resisting. She lay there, still, a smile spread proudly across her face. I knew this was not because she was caught, nor because she was free, but simply because for the few seconds in which we were running, she finally felt like just a child again, a feeling she had almost forgotten. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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