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Vegetarianism Good or Bad: Discursive Essay

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Discursive Essay Vegetarianism: Good or Bad Thing Sophie Haynes As the young boy gazes longingly at the meaty burger poster on display in a fast food chain, a repulsed vegetarian looks on in dismay. Since the beginning of time we humans have eaten animals in order to survive, but being humans some of us have developed a conscious towards all the brutal mass murdering of animals for meat and with all of these horror stories about what is really in our humble hotdogs for example, it is no surprise that more and more people are becoming vegetarians. We now have all of these meat alternatives that claim to be better for our health, which gives the vegetarians a brownie point, but is an anti-meat lifestyle really that good for our health? Are we really giving animals a better life? Should we all change our diets? The meat alternative. This new type of food that promises to taste just as good as meat but with much less fat making it far more healthy for us human. ...read more.


There are vitamin B12 injections available and these are crucial as a deficiency of this vitamin can cause fatigue, heart disease and strokes. This is just one missing vital vitamin but there are other vitamins and minerals that vegetarians are deprived of such as vitamin D, iron, zinc and copper, all very important nutrients for growing children. It is difficult to find a good source of amino acid in plant-based diets as meat is a good source of amino acid and non-meat diets do not contain the nine vital amino acids, therefore cannot provide nearly as much. Shortage of this may produce tiredness, lack of motivation, poor performance on a whole and moodiness due to the constant changes in blood sugar levels. Despite all the cons of being vegetarian, it is not all doom and gloom! Research shows people who do live on a no-meat basis and do it right by taking the crucial vitamins and minerals that they lack have many health benefits, such as they have stronger immune systems, live on average 15 years longer than meat eaters, are 40% less likely to die from cancer, 20% less likely to die from other ...read more.


If the meat-eating population was reduced, large amounts of rainforest would be saved daily. For the daily meat intake in the U.S. the equivalent of seven football fields of rainforest is cut down just for cattle-grazing. And for every beef burger, approximately fifty-five square feet of forest has been destroyed. This large amount of deforestation is now affecting the climate because there are not enough trees to convert the CO2 into Oxygen and the world cannot it therefore global warming is now occurring. It seems that pro's outdo the cons of being vegetarian, but only if it is done correctly, also some of the cons can be solved such as vegetarians can have injections for vitamins etc. In the end, is up to you but even by reducing your meat intake slightly, you can enjoy some of the vegetarian benefits. After researching this topic, I now believe that I am going to alter my diet and be more understanding towards my vegetarian friends. I also like the idea of being able to say at the end of a meal "no animals were harmed in the making of this meal". ...read more.

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