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Victorian stories Evaluation

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I am going to look at three nineteenth century short stories; Tony Kytes, The Arch Deceiver by Thomas Hardy, Country Living by Guy de Maupassant and the Stolen Bacillus by H. G. Wells. The Victorian era in Great Britain was from 1837 to 1901 under the reign of Queen Elizabeth. During the Victorian era the society was strictly controlled. There was a small amount of rich people, and the rest of the nation was living in near poverty. Those who were rich lived in relative luxury and often had servants. The rate of death was very high due to a lack of knowledge about how diseases, bacteria and viruses were spread. Although it was hard time living, it was a fantastic time for authors as people were fascinated by the kinds of rebellious pursuits of previous generations. Authors tapped into this, and the stories that I am studying for this essay reflect the less ordered, sometimes entertaining sides of life. The first story I am going to examine "Tony Kytes the Arch-Deceiver". It is written in the first person but we do not know who is telling the story, possibly a close friend who saw the incident. ...read more.


In this story we meet a man who wants to help the society and quality of living at the time, whereas the other wants to destroy order as he is what's known as an anarchist. In the 19th century anarchists were seen as political agitators and sometimes violent, obviously, as the name suggests, keen on causing anarchy. In this interesting story we see a man desperate and willing to go to extremes to get his point heard. It focuses on a Revolutionary who steals what he believes to be the deadly virus known as Cholera in a test tube. He empties the so called "Deadly virus" into the river which actually turns out to become harmless to humans and in fact instead turns monkeys blue. This final story uses a lot of humour as it is used to satirize the political folly of the Revolutionaries. I enjoyed this story as it used humour and action to great effect. I feel it is quite an unusual story for the 19th century as it has a 'high speed chase', perhaps one of the first ever!? Tony Kytes is, as I mentioned earlier, the main character in the first story; he is portrayed as a handsome, serious young man who is extremely popular with the ladies. ...read more.


clearly shows the views of the times that it is not proper for a single woman to spend time alone with a single man unless there was an intention of marriage, extremely different from today where this is all too common. The two contrasting relationships in Country living show on family's willingness to sell their child for a better life out of poverty against a family who would not, because they felt it was the wrong thing to do. The similarity between them is that they both thought they were doing what was right and best for their son. The Vallins initially showed an unwillingness to part with their child, however after hearing the financial reward both they and their child would receive they agreed to it ".Then spoken to them about the future their little boy would have, how happy he would be and how much money he would be able to give them later on" Personally my favourite story, was "Country Living" because it portrayed family life extremely well and most of all it had a much unexpected ending. I thoroughly enjoyed the 19th century stories generally, as they were something 'a little different'. After all, essentially all stories nowadays are very similar. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ben Smith 10S English Coursework Mr Priddy ...read more.

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