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View From A bridge Letters

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View From A bridge Letters Dear Gino Hello Gino from the US of A! How are you my good friend? I miss you over here. I am staying with my aunt and her family. Marco and I are really enjoying it here. Living here is like heaven compared to living in Italy. The apartment we live is so tidy and clean. The beds are so comfortable and it is beautifully decorated. I cannot say I miss Italy now. Apart from friends like you Gino. I hope to stay in America permanently. Maybe you should join me on this great adventure. I have a wonderful job. I am very pleased about it. I work near the docks loading and offloading. It is so much fun. All I do is sing songs and laugh with the other colleagues. I think they enjoy my company. My singing cheers them up, I think. ...read more.


I said to her "siete bella una ragazza". Gino she is a beautiful girl! She seemed so interested in everything that I said. I told about you, my best friend. She is an angel. I really like her and want to be with her. Work is good and I have earned quite a lot of money so far. Eddie is such a nice man. He even taught me how to defend myself by boxing. Although he punched me quite hard in the last hit. I was alright, he did not hurt me. I was dazed though but I knew he meant no harm by it. He is a good fighter though. I wish he wouldn't protect Catherine so much though. The night I went for a picnic with her. Eddie waited till 3 o' clock in the morning, to make sure we came back. He means well, maybe he thinks I am disrupting Catherine's work. She has a wonderful job; maybe I shouldn't keep Catherine out to late. ...read more.


I have felt so guilty about this up to this day. Well what happened was, Eddie had called the immigrants department and he had reported us two. Two agents came and collected us. It was a frantic situation. We were dragged brutally out of the apartment by the agents and thrown into a van. Catherine was so upset and started shouting and the men. Beatrice was confused about this. Eddie said no word whatsoever. Then a week later Marco and Eddie were fighting on the street. I feel so bad. It was because I had wanted Catherine in the hand of marriage. Eddie was so angry with Marco. Marco had told the whole street that Eddie was a traitor when we were taken away. Eddie could not show his face. I feel so bad as Eddie gave us a home for 3 months and s job. Eddie died that day. It was terrible and I am so sorry Gino, but I cannot write anymore. It is too upsetting. Yours Sincerely. Rodolpho ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Miller section.

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