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Violence and Conflict are central to 'Romeo and Juliet' discuss these themes with reference to the play. Romeo and Juliet is a play about a tragic love story, written by Shakespeare

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Katie Crawford 10H Violence and Conflict are central to 'Romeo and Juliet' discuss these themes with reference to the play. Romeo and Juliet is a play about a tragic love story, written by Shakespeare. He wrote the play approximately 1595. It is about two star crossed lovers from rival families that fall in love. But they are not allowed to be together as the families have an ancient grudge. At the time the play was written, the Queen was Queen Elizabeth 1. When she went to watch the play in the globe rounded shaped theatre, she sat at the top, as that's where all the wealthy people sat including the lords. The peasants had to stand up at the bottom and had no toilet facilities. They had to stand and watch the play for about 4hours, whilst the queen and wealthy people got to sit high up and look down. In this essay I'm going to discuss the themes violence, conflict and romance, and how Shakespeare shows them. ...read more.


This means get your sword out, as here come there enemies from the Montague family and his naked weapon is out is he has got his sword out ready to fight. The scene starts to get violent as they insult each other and because they are biting there thumbs at each other this escalates to a fight. As they start fighting Benvoilio, Romeo's cousin comes into view and Tybalt close behind him. Benvoilio tries to stop the fight, but is dismayed and he rushes in with his raised sword. 'Part fools' he says. Then Tybalt comes in, he tries to stat a fight with Benvoilio and he calls him a coward then they fight. Then lord Capulet and Montague come in and they both start to verbally argue. Prince Escales enters with his train of people behind him, he tells them all to stop fighting and that they have disturbed our streets three times this is your last chance or someone will die. ...read more.


This tells us that he won't move or do anything to please anyone, as he is very stubborn. As more and more anger comes between them Tybalt tries to start a fight with Romeo by saying, 'Thou art a villain'. This is a great insult Romeo as he is noble of birth. Romeo tries to be very calm as he doesn't want to start any fights or arguments. He just lets him say nasty comments. But Tybalt doesn't like the Romeo is acting and orders him to take out his sword and fight. Tybalt wants to fight Romeo because he says that's no excuse. Mercutio and Tybalt start to verbally argue as Mercutio says, 'Make haste, least mine be about your eare ere it be out'. And Tybalt says, 'What wouldst thou have with me, o am for you'. This causes them to fight and Mercutio gets killed. When Romeo sees this, his mood changes from being, calm to angry, this is shown when he says, 'fire eyed fury be my conduct now'. The he starts to fight with Tybalt. Romeo kills Tybalt because he killed Mercutio and he was Romeos best friend. ...read more.

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