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Visiit to chocolaholic

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Visit To Choco-la-Holic (Choco The Holic) 14th June 2008 Dear parents, As part of our whole school initiative to encourage students to see education as broadly as possible we are launching what we hope will be a fantastic day out for year 11 as a celebration and credit for their laborious hard work over the past two years. This outing is designed to accompany the school curriculum food studies GCSE course which is compulsory as well as being an exhilarating experience. This year we are offering to take all students in year 11 to visit a most enlivening chocolaty world in Northampton known as "Choco-La-Holic" (Choco The Holic) ...read more.


Please note that all chocolate is tested and that students will remain safe after consuming these weird and wonderful varieties of chocolate. Many students in previous hears have been transported back to the Roman times, the stone age, the Victorian era and have found this an enjoyable and memorable experience. Each child will be offered free unlimited chocolate for the day, a ticket to the chocolate theatre and free rides in the chocolate theme park. As you may be aware, Choco-La Holic owns the largest roller coaster in the world measuring up to 170,000,000,000,000 meters long and an astounding height of 220,000 meters high. ...read more.


The cost of the visit is �27.54 which includes the admission fee of �23.54 as well as the coach journey. Please make your cheque payable to Choco-La-Holic School Fund. There is a cafeteria at the Centre where students will have the opportunity to buy snacks and drinks throughout their busy day. We do however advise bringing a packed lunch. Finally, this will be an opportunity for students to come into school with non-uniform. Please sign the permission slip below indicating whether your child will be able to attend or not as well as and medical/dietary requirements and a contact number. Yours sincerely Miss Marinalicious Mazzy Name ______________________________ Form____________ I give/do not give permission for my daughter/son to go on the Choco-La-Holic outing. (Please delete as appropriate) Emergency contact numbers and names ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Special Dietary/Medical Requirments ____________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ...read more.

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