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Walking upstairs with the tray and flower in my mouth, I came to Maranders room and used my elbow to open the door. Although it was sunny outside the curtains were closed and it was fairly dark but you could still see quite well.

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Friday 17th Chapter one I read the letter from beginning to the end without stopping. I skimmed through the letter once more before the rage and fury started to rise within me. I couldn't let her go only she knew and only she was able to ruin me. I slowly closed the letter and pulled out a key which hung from my necklace. I opened the top draw on my right-hand side and took out a box underneath all the papers and letters and opened it with the gold key. Following by putting the letter sent from Marander in the box. I slammed the box shut when the room was burst into by John. My brother. "Wilkinson, she's gone... GONE!" He shouted. "WHAT!" I said trying to sound surprised but already knew anyway. "She said something to Lucy, her goodbyes and that's it, then took off just like that." John was unaware of the letter and was only worried and scared for his niece as an uncle should be. I sat at the dining table with John. It was quiet. If I said I didn't want to talk about it then I wasn't going to talk about it. It was as simple as that. Lucy had obviously finished her crying and weeping because she was serving once again. Roast lamb, gravy, carrots, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and parsnips. All laid out beautifully. However I wasn't hungry. I knew I couldn't concentrate until she was here. I got up. "John I'm sorry you have to have dinner on your own, I have to find my daughter." ...read more.


It was a bright day and it was a Sunday so if Joanne was in Marander would most probably be here too because there was no school. I looked down so disappointed. What were they doing here? Maybe there was a reason for all this. I was thinking positively. It could be sorted out I thought. I sighed and undone my seat belt, when the front door opened. I looked suspiciously when my eyes widened and my heart fell so deep. It all made sense. Michael. My boss and my wife kissing goodbye. I had goose bumps. I blinked as tear ran down my eye. Chapter four I woke up to the sound of Jeffery waking me up. I was here. I got out of the car and looked around at the countryside. The house enormous and looming over me, I walked up the drive and got to the front door. I raised my hand to knock on the door when suddenly it opened. "Wilkinson... what are you doing here?" Susan shouted. My sister was always so polite. "Nice to see you too, where is she? I know she is here and I'm not going until I see her!" I pushed her out the way and walked inside. I ran upstairs ignoring Susan cursing and screaming her head off. I opened the door. Empty. Then I tried another. I stopped so suddenly when I saw her slouched near the corner of the bed staring straight at me. I looked around then back at her. "Marander listen... I am so sorry... I want you to come back... ...read more.


Marander called my name when I lost concentration I loosened my grip and she bit my arm. Unexpectedly she pulled out a knife, her face as scared as I was. She aggressively cut my face with her key. This certainly was a side I had never seen before out of the years we had been married. I backed away feeling for blood. I felt dizzy. I looked at her. Form then on I completely lost control I grabbed the knife from her hand and stabbed her with it. I looked, disgusted with what I had done. She looked up at me and her hand shaking she fell to the ground, this time her whole body shaking. I began to cry out loud, I dropped to my knees. Marander just looked at me. I always remembered that look. Chapter six As I lay down on my bed I started to realize that even though I was in the wrong I still felt sorry for myself. How could a child see their mother being murdered by their father at the age of five? I made her life a misery. She had lost a big part of her life. A mum. And if I didn't do the right thing I was going to lose the biggest part of my life. My daughter. If I didn't do my duty this dark shadow would haunt me forever. * * * Now I sit here writing this story. The grey walls surrounding me, the dreadful meals I get, awful sleep and regular beatings from others doing time. I had so much regret in me. If this is what it takes to have my daughter back, I was going to do it. All for the day of Friday 17th. The end ...read more.

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