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War of the Zumas.

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Ricky Holland War of the Zumas Sweat dripped onto his blood stained armour. The cold air riffled through his spiky hair, but he didn't notice. The grip on his sword was tighter than usual, his breathing deeper, blood pumping fast in his veins. The roars of the on-going battle were all around him. Screams human and Zuma echoed in his head. His eyes focused on a battle a few meters to his left. His men were dieing, he didn't have time to rest. He dived into the frenzy. His sword sliced through steel and flesh alike. His hits were precise and devastating. Three Zumas now lay dead on the ground around him, his sword firmly placed in the chest of a fourth. But it was still standing. The Zuma's spear was raised above its head. It knew it was close to death, and saw the chance to bring it's killer with him. As the spear closed in on it's target, time froze for both fighters. The zuma was half the way to hell already, but the spear had momentum enough to cut through the fragile skull of a human. Inches before it hit, time resumed its normal speed. The Zuma was on the floor, the sword still in its chest. A cloud of smoke replaced the spear. The human grabbed the handle of his sword, placed his foot on the Zuma corpse and pulled the blade out. He turned around in time to see a wizard a few paces behind him, her hands still stretched out in front of her, still glowing red. He didn't recognize her, and doubted he would ever see her again. Yet there was something special about her, something different about her. But he didn't have time to think about it, as he had enough sense to resume a fighting stance. His sword flung round his body from front to back in a glorious arch, his arm fully stretched out, his head slightly titled upwards. ...read more.


The meeting went on for a few more hours, and when it finally ended the guild council dispersed into Bichon Wall. RIC stepped out into the brisk evening air, a sigh of relief crossing his face. As he walked towards his favourite tavern, a group of men caught his attention. There were five of them, all in heavy battle gear, each brandishing very large and rare weapons. It was common for people to carry weapons around with them, even in the heavily protected city of Bichon, but these warriors were definitely no ordinary bystanders. As he passed them, the tallest of the warriors caught RIC staring at his Judgement mace. 'Don't stare at what you can never have, Tao'. His voice was cold and deep. 'I'd watch what you say, Warrior, or you might lose that precious mace of yours.' RIC realised he no longer had his Soul Blade by his side, and the Kriss that was slung over his back hardly made him look like the greatest of heroes. He also knew that he should know better than to pick a fight with five very big warriors, but he had a lot of steam to let off. There was a short pause after his comment, after which RIC found himself surrounded by the warriors, weapons drawn. The dim evening light would come to RIC' advantage, but when his rivals were only a few meters away he saw why they had been so aggressive towards him. They all had gold crowns painted onto their black armour plates, proudly showing off their heritage to the Lion guild. The Lions had always been enemies to the Andromeda, the guild RIC had always been a part of. The first blow came, and there was no warning. The blade of the great axe swung through the air, slicing through the air that had previously been occupied by the Tao. ...read more.


But Goldman was not there. Goldman had been saved by one his own Tao friends moments before his death. He was now standing close by to where the wizard fell, Dragon Sword in hand. The wizard looked up to Goldman, with no energy left he knew his fight was over. Goldman looked down at his leg, still badly wounded and burnt; even the best Tao in Mir could not stop the pain nor heal the scar. He brought his dragon sword high into the air and looked down at the now feeble wizard. Was it his right to kill this man? He didn't even know his name. The pain surging from his leg made his mind up for him. The wizard closed his eyes and cursed. They were the last words he would ever utter. Bringing the sword back to his side, Goldman looked over at Jake. Jake was now fully battle-ready, martial by his side, full of life energy. Goldman looked again at his injured leg, then down at his bloodied Dragon sword. There had been enough death for one day. 'We will meet again, Jake, and next time you won't be so lucky.' 'I'm counting on it, my old friend.' At that Goldman walked over to the door, followed by a few of his companions, including the Tao that had healed him. He walked without a limp that one might expect, showing off his inner strength, acting as if the injury meant nothing to him. Everyone else in the tavern watched as he left, bumping into a Tao at the door as he was walking in. The Tao had two swords on his back, and looked back at Goldman as he left with his men close behind. He then looked into the tavern for the first time. Everyone was on their feet, weapons drawn. Tables lay ruined on the floor, burn marks on the walls. In the middle of it all stood Jake, Martial in hand, and Wolf with his Serpent. Jake looked over at the Tao, a smirk on his face. 'Great timing, RIC.' ...read more.

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