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'Warning' and 'Old man, Old man' are both about growing old; compare the attitudes of the two poets.

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'Warning' and 'Old man, Old man' are both about growing old; compare the attitudes of the two poets. Both poems represent a picture of old age. Jenny Joseph's view of what she imagines life will be like, and her expectations, where-as U A Fanthorpe's observation of old age, is of her father, and is written from her own experience. Jenny Joseph sees old age as a positive experience. She seems to believe she will be free from responsibility. "I shall go out in my slippers in the rain." She suggests these are the things she would enjoy to do now, but if she were to actually do these now, people would disapprove of her actions. She assumes that when she gets old, others will accept childish actions. Jenny Joseph does not see herself unable to do anything that she can do at the moment. ...read more.


Jenny Joseph thinks these are the things children would enjoy to do. The behaviour she sees as attractive is either behaviour, which adults think and older person may enjoy doing for attention. "Press alarms" She describes things she could have possibly seen old people do. She also believes that these actions could have been purposely chosen to do. She try's to dismiss the negative issues of old age. She seems to feel being a responsible adult is tedious and restricting. Jenny Joseph uses old age as a justification to be eccentric. She wants to change societies expectations of a responsible adult, who is given the image of setting a good example, to someone who is conventional and diverse. Old Man, Old Man shows examples of a shocking picture of growing elderly. Fanthorpe is recounting her fathers aging. ...read more.


Her father is visualized as being compulsive, and neurotic about his interests and hobbies, which mostly consisted of gardening. "Lord of the shed" Fanthorpe is mocking her father, at his expense, someone suggesting another to be the 'lord' of something is of high status, and so it is funny as it is only a shed. There is also a sense of sadness to the poem, as she recounts of her father not being good with her when she was young. "Not good with daughters" I believe that the motive for this is because of his interest's in D.I.Y rather than the more necessary and essential things in life. Fanthorpes father has seemed to lose all-important aspects of his character, even the aspects that were dislikeable about his personality. He has begun to be dependent on other people, and is unaware of what is happening. I think both poems represent humour and compassion. Jenny Joseph represents the bright and optimistic observation's of old age, where-as Fanthorpe raises depressing and discouraging vision's of old age. ...read more.

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