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Was Lady Macbeth a fiend like Queen?

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Was Lady Macbeth a fiend like Queen? Lady Macbeth is a "fiend like Queen". This quote comes from the end of the play, after Macduff brings in the severed head of Macbeth. Before I can analyse the quote I need to first find the definition of 'fiend.' The word fiend according to the Oxford Dictionary means "The Devil; evil spirit; person of superhuman wickedness". The play of Macbeth is set in Scotland and it was written by Shakespeare in the middle ages. This was a time when Men had more rights than women and women were probably considered as second class to the men. Women were often accused of witchcraft for doing things that nowadays would be quite normal for a woman to do. A woman who showed their full potential was said to be unnatural and Macbeth is a play in which things being unnatural is a main theme. Lady Macbeth wanted to have power and this would have been seen as being unnatural and evil in the times that the play was written. ...read more.


I think that Malcolms comment at the end of the play referring to Lady Macbeth as a "fiend like Queen" could be said about Lady Macbeths character in many scenes of the play but judging on this scene I believe that it is wrong to say that. I think this for many different reasons: In the scene Lady Macbeth has deteriorated to her lowest point in the play, before committing suicide. She is sleepwalking while she talks through the whole scene. I think that in this scene Lady Macbeth is feeling very sorry for herself and she regrets what she has done. Powerful language is used such as "Hell is murky!" Here she is almost announcing a statement which indicates that she is looking at the negative side of things. At the time that Macbeth was written everybody would strongly believe that they could go to heaven or hell and Lady Macbeth shows this. I think that the sleepwalking element of the scene adds to the drama and sympathy for Lady Macbeth and also does the element of blood which can not be removed - these are dramatic devices which change this part of the play and add much to the scene. ...read more.


When she mentions the Thane of Fife's wife and asks the question "Where is she now?" She is asking herself and the audience questions which show you that she is almost asking for a response and is truly sorry for the murders which, again, show she is not fiend like in this scene as Malcolm said. This scene makes you feel sorry for Lady Macbeth and it does not seem like she would be the person who could have masterminded the plot to kill the King. You could say that the ambition of Lady Macbeth is what is to blame for the trouble she got herself into and why in this scene she is so stressed. I believe that Lady Macbeth was a tool of fate. I think the witches used Lady Macbeth and their supernatural powers took over her. In the overall play, I believe that Malcolm was right to call Lady Macbeth a fiend because she would have been considered as an unnatural person in those times, she would have been considered evil and like the devil. However as I said I think that in my particular scene Lady Macbeth did not show any fiend like qualities. ...read more.

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