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Water in the Middle East

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Water in the Middle East One of the major issues in the world today is the scarcity of water. This vital resource for the development of life has become "the new oil" for which countries dispute. In the Middle East, for instance, there are four different water resources that are geographically located between countries like Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Turkey and Lebanon, creating conflicts around its distribution. The Jordan River, the Euphrates River, the Yarmouk River and the West Bank Mountain Aquifers provide the region with the water they need for their people's survival and the development of their economies, which in most cases depends on agriculture. Authorities all around the globe have been seeking for solutions to this problem. ...read more.


Then, it depicts detail the four main conflicts and how they affect the economical stability of the region. Rather than only listing the issues and not analyzing them beyond the surface, this article contains an entire section on possible solutions and alternatives to the issue. Moreover, it includes four different maps and statistic tables with pertinent information about the conflicts. However, some of the approaches to the issue seem to be in favor of the Arab nations and against Israel, which could affect the accuracy of the text. Internet source Hardy, R. (03/16/1999). World: Middle East Analysis: The politics of water. BBC News. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/297164.stm (11/25/2008) This article offers a shallow overview of the water problems in the Middle East. ...read more.


Published book This chapter of the book offers an exhaustive historical review of the water issues in the Middle East, focusing on the confrontation of the Arab nations and Israel. It thoroughly depicts both parties of the conflict, concentrating mainly the Jordan and the Yarmouk rivers. Moreover, it explores the environmental issues caused by the increasing demand of water from those rivers, as well as its economic and political effects on the region. In addition, it establishes a connection between the politics of water and the immigration phenomenon. The book generally contains impartial approaches to the issue, always portraying the Arab and the Israeli perspective. However, in the first part of the chapter, the author describes several events that he has witnessed himself which could lead to a bias point of view in the chapter. ...read more.

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