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What are the social messages that JB Priestly aimed to convey to an audience in ‘An Inspector calls?’Explain how puts his message across using setting, characters and plot.

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What are the social messages that JB Priestly aimed to convey to an audience in 'An Inspector calls?' Explain how puts his message across using setting, characters and plot. Do you think the message of the play is still relevant to a 21st century audience? In this piece of work I will write about the characters, the plot the message of the play and about inspector Goole and his speech. The main message of the play is that people should be able to take responsibility for their own actions and think about others not only themselves. The play also shows people that the working classes are poor and suffering compared to the middle and upper classes, and that people should do more to help them. The message of the play is brought by Inspector Goole who is a Police Inspector who calls at the Birling house in the middle of a party and says he has come to investigate a death. He does not bring the message directly but in a way that shows he knows about each character and makes them think about their own actions and part in the death of Eva Smith, who has committed suicide. ...read more.


Mrs Birling is very protective of the family name even though she does not pay much attention to anyone in her family. She is a cold and uncaring woman who does not take any responsibility for the death of Eva. "I'm sorry she should have come to such an end, but I accept no blame for it at all" Sheila Birling is getting married to Gerald. She is caring and accepts her responsibility for Eva's death. She is clever and independent and she is the character who really seems to be changed by the inspector's appearance as at the end she is genuinely sorry and seems to change her ways. "It's the only time I've ever done anything like that, I'll never never do it again to anybody" Sheila had complained about Eva in a shop and Eva had been sacked from her job as a result. Eric Birling drinks a lot of alcohol and his family don't know. He is a bit spoilt and uncaring at the start but when he realises Eva is dead he is very shocked especially as Eva was pregnant with his baby. This was shown by his speech to his mother where he blamed her for Eva's death " you killed her. ...read more.


The Inspector is used by JB Priestly to try and make the audiences of the time think about the systems of Government in power as it was shown just before an election and Priestly wanted to help get more support for the socialist party. The message of the play is take responsibility for other people as well as yourself. I think what this is what someone who had just seen the play would think as they walked away from it. At the end of the play the Inspector leaves the dinner party guests thinking about the evening. After he has left there is a telephone call from the police telling them about the murder of a girl and that an Inspector investigating her death is on his way. This may be done to show that this cycle of the working classes suffering is being repeated again. This message is still relevant to a 21st century audience because society in the western world is mainly capitalist and people act as individuals and do not take responsibility for others very often. Sources Text - An Inspector Calls by JB Priestly Class notes www.learn.co.uk/ ?? ?? ?? ?? Matthew Payne An Inspector Calls by J.B Priestly ...read more.

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