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What can be the negative impacts of eating only junk foods?

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´╗┐Subin Lee 19.3.2012 Ms. Jessome English Grade 10 Words: 1883 What can be the negative impacts of eating only junk foods? Table of Contents Introduction????????????????????????????4 How ?Junk food? created and became one of the biggest Common foods in our society????????????????????4 Brief information about Junk (Fast) food???????????????4 Why people prefer junk food rather than cooked food? ...........................5-6 What junk foods do to our body? ( with experiments on rats by a scientist to find out the reactions when they are fed with healthy foods and unhealthy foods??????????????...............................................................7-8 Examples of junk foods and junk food companies and their marketing. ( ED?s, Dominos, McDonalds?etc) Why no nutritional info? ???????????????????????????????????9 Not many people know about the risks of having too much of junk foods and even if some people know they can?t stop themselves from the risks ????????????????????..9-10 Conclusion ????????????????????????????..10 According to cbsnews, about 300,000 people actually die each year from being obese or overweight and this is the second reason that people die after smoking. Junk food is not the only reason people are gaining weight, but it is a part of the cause. From this fact, it is very noticeable that junk foods cause serious problem to our human body. We can assume that there are lots of bad impacts of junk food rather than good impacts. So we should be aware and careful with food choices and should not be ?seized down? by junk foods. ...read more.


As a result, Over 90% of American children eat at McDonalds? at least once per month. There, Even the numbers are getting higher day by day. We can conjecture the growing gravity of junk foods from those rates. Nowadays every person on earth eats junk foods frequently. Since junk foods are rich in calories, sugars and fat, people get fat from eating them and eventually obesity occurs. Obesity is one of the most dangerous disease/causes that can be lead to death and in America; they have the world?s highest number of people dies from obesity. (Obesity is second only to smoking as a cause of death in America. )Obesity related diseases cost the United States an estimated 150 billion dollars each year according to U.S. federal agencies. The average person today consumes more sugar in two weeks than a person a century ago would have eaten in a whole year. According to the cbsnews, with obesity in children increasing three-fold over the past 2 decades, 46% of Canadian adults are either overweight or obese. Scientists figured out that obese people have twice the rate of chronic health problems which are the problems occurring in disease or other human health condition that is persistent or long lasting in natureas, people of normal weight. This includes a 100% greater chance of developing Type 2 diabetes, 50% increased likelihood of developing heart disease. Obese men are nearly 90% more likely to get colon cancer. ...read more.


People do not even try to make foods because junks food are always faster, cheaper, timesaver and easier to get. Even moms do not try to cook, even though they know what is right and what is wrong in food choices. They just give junk foods to their children. Then ultimately children learns and gets familiar with that bad food habits and wont be able to get rid of that even when they get older. It's important that people know what they are eating and especially to know what their children are eating. People form their eating habits as children. For example, parents think that chicken meals are healthier than burgers, but since they are fried, they are not healthy. Junk food, which was born as the world goes rapidly day-by-day and emphasizes on speed, has many bad impacts on human nature. They are being issued as a drug, addictive characteristic and fatal effects on human body. The problem is many people already know these consequences after eating junk foods but they cannot bear them at all. People know the fact that junks foods are dreadful on human body but they do not take it seriously. Producers who actually make junk foods think that it will be okay with complacent thoughts and do not take it seriously either. It's very important that the fast food companies make sure that their fast food meals are healthy. Consumer who purchases junk food and producer of junk food should make a believable, trustable food culture together. There is nothing more important than foods in human living life. ...read more.

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