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What contribution does Curley's wife make to the novel?

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Brandon. Ariathas 10.D4 What contribution does Curley?s wife make to the novel? In the novel Curley?s wife is the only female character and she is presented in many various ways. At first impression, she comes across as the seductive, troublemaker the ranchers see her as. However, as the story progresses, we learn that this is only one of many sides to a very lonely woman. The reader?s sympathy for this character also changes throughout the novel, as her secrets are revealed and the real Curley's Wife is found. Curley?s wife is also the only character in the novel without a name and this shows her lack of identity and the lack of power. Curley treats his wife as a possession and we never learn her name in the novel. Her namelessness also reinforces how insignificant she is on the ranch and how little she is respected by the others. Candy first introduces Curley?s wife when he says that Curley is keeping his hand soft for her. Candy means that Curley?s hands are tied to sex and violence. He fights with one hand and keeps the other hand soft. ...read more.


This is noticeably shown when Curley?s wife was found dead in the barn he was the only man who dared to have physical contact and touch her to check if she was okay. She specifically flirts with Slim because he is the man with the most power in the bunkhouse. He's the leader, the one the other men look up to, and he demonstrates a kind of quiet leadership. When Curley's hand is crushed by Lennie, Slim even orders Curley not to tell. This shows that Curley is scraed of Slim. Curley?s wife is left behind with the ?weak ones? when the rest go to the whorehouse, they are all outsiders: Lennie, Crooks, Candy and her, they all have something in common they are all lonely and left behind on a Saturday night. Crooks, Candy, George and Lennie were talking about the dream when Curley?s wife comes into the barn and interrupts them. Crooks is the only black man on the ranch, he works as stable worker and he is physically handicapped. Curley?s wife seeing him as a stable worker and black, this shows that Crooks has two disadvantages him being a stable worker meaning that Curley would beat him up and him being black meaning that he does not have power at the ranch. ...read more.


Candy finds her and his reaction to her is that he calls her a ?tramp?; this is because she has ruined their dream of buying a house and a lot of land. Then later he calls her a ?poor *******? because of how Curley has treated her throughout their marriage. When the men find her dead Steinbeck describes her ?and the meanness and the planning?s and the discontent and the ache for attention were all gone from her face. She was very pretty and simple, and her face was sweet and young.? This means that underneath all the flirtatious and provocative personality she also has an innocent and sweet side of her and also shows that she is only very young. In conclusion Curley's wife is seen as an ambiguous character and in my opinion Curley?s wife?s contribution to the novel is that she is the most dangerous character because she destroys Lennie?s and George?s dream of living ?off the fatta lan?. Her dream is also destroyed because she wanted to become a movie star. Curley?s wife also dresses in red; the symbolic meaning of the colour red in literature is danger. Brandon. Ariathas 10.D4 6 6 ...read more.

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