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What do we learn about George and Lennies relationship and aspirations in the novel:"Of mice and men"?

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What do we learn about George and Lennie?s relationship and aspirations in the novel: mice and men? ________________ John Steinbeck?s novel, Of Mice and Men, is a tragic story of the friendship between two virtually opposite men. The two main characters, Lennie Small and George Milton, are just couple of hard working ranch hands trying to ?make their stake? and achieve their dream of having a farm of their very own. They are an odd pair, not just because of their character differences, but because it is rare for anyone in their line of work to be travelling with a companion. ...read more.


George and Lennie seem to have a very close friendship throughout the story. This is strange because they are completely different from each other mentally, as well as physically. The author tells us that George is a small, quick and defined man. He is the leader of the two men and makes all the plans. Lennie respects him a great deal. Lennie is huge, and very strong, but he has the mentality of a child. He relies heavily on George, as he cannot fend for himself. He always tries his best to imitate George's actions, as "George lay back on the sand and crossed his hands under his head, and Lennie imitated him, raising his head to see if he were doing it right." ...read more.


When Lennie got himself into trouble in Weed George didn't abandon him; they ran away to a different ranch together. I think George relies on Lennie for companionship because of the unfriendly and lonely environment they are in. he obviously cares about Lennie because he says, "God, you're a lot of trouble. I could get along so easy and so nice if I didn't have you on my tail. I could live so easy and maybe have a girl." If George wanted to leave Lennie and change his lifestyle completely, he easily could. But he stays with Lennie throughout the whole book so they must have a special friendship ...read more.

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