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What do you learn about love & marriage in Jane Austen's time from reading 'Pride & Prejudice'?

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What do you learn about love & marriage in Jane Austen's time from reading 'Pride & Prejudice'? 'Pride & Prejudice' was written in the 18th century by a new author called Jane Austen. Her book can help us have a realistic insight to the social life of her time. It is generated around the Bennet household, a family who live in Meryton. The main theme narrows down to character's relationships, marriages and 18th century society. I hope to give a clear insight to how this novel helped me reach an understanding of different relationships. Relationships can come about through many circumstances and situations. Their bases can also differ. In the novel we can see some may be arranged, others based on love, as can be seen through the protagonist, Elizabeth's marriage to Darcy. Others may be come about for security or initial attraction. But the basis of a marriage shows us how stable and successful the marriage is. Some marriages are successful in the novel whilst other couples only co-exist. A perfect example of a failed marriage is seen through Mr. and Mrs. Bennet's marriage. They seem to co-exist, and Mr. Bennet always avoids his wife. ...read more.


Though not all relationships are doomed to a bad end, on the contrary there are some relationships in the novel that show love can prevail and how love helps make a successful relationship. If there was bound to be a destined couple, it was Jane and Bingley. They are the perfect example of two people who are very similar. Jane is in every way the ideal women, and Bingley an ideal man. In Austen's time we know them to be ideal- Bingley is loved and so is Jane. They declare their love for each other many a times and also we can see that they lines each other from the start because at the ball Bingley 'danced with her twice. To be sure that did seem as if he admired her.' They do have a deep live for one another and even due to the fact that their social statues were different Bingley marries her. This is because of his undying love her for and of course she was considered as 'handsome and amiable...as represented by common report'. I believe Austen was trying to show us of a love that was so perfect only to show us that it was slightly empty and boring because they have nothing to clash with, to show spirit in their relationship. ...read more.


She is a strong character whom women can relate to today because of her independence, strong character that resembles a modern woman. From 'Pride & Prejudice' I have learnt a lot about all these different relationships, marriages and about love. Marriages occur for many different reasons but the true relationships are built on love between a couple, as can be seen from Jane & Bingley or Elizabeth & Darcy. Some relationships are bound to fail because trust is important in a marriage as well as honesty. If two people don't really know one another but can together on the wrong terms, it is only natural for the relationship to dwindle. Bad marriages can occur from initial attraction, lust or general desire for status. These things are not what a true relationship requires to survive. When two people understand each other than there is more room to love that person, purely, such as Elizabeth and Darcy can. This relationship has experienced struggle and yet survived, with spirit, which shows that a good relationship undoubtedly faces struggle but if it is true and pure it will always last. Austen manages to picture perfectly flaws of marriages and how love is important to find, for everyone. I'm sure every woman can honestly say she wishes to find her Darcy one day! Maryam Abbas 11F Pride & Prejudice Coursework 05/09/07 ...read more.

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