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What Do You Think There Is To Interest The Reader In The Sherlock Holmes(TM) Stories And Why Do You Think This Interest Has Been Maintained In Conan Doyle(TM)s Writing For Over A Century?

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What Do You Think There Is To Interest The Reader In The Sherlock Holmes' Stories And Why Do You Think This Interest Has Been Maintained In Conan Doyle's Writing For Over A Century? Sherlock Holmes' stories were first published in 1887. The author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a Scottish author and physician; he wrote 4 novels and 56 short stories that included the character Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle claims that the stories were inspired by a man he once worked for at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary call Dr Joseph Bell. Other than Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson plays a main part in the majority of the stories, playing the part of a friend, colleague, and "side-kick". Many of the stories are narrated by Dr Watson, who was shown to keep written records of the cases. Sherlock Holmes was a well-known detective in Victorian England; this means that all of his stories contain great mystery and suspense, both great qualities to hook any audience over the many years. The mystery is portrayed taking several different angles into the stories. ...read more.


at some early hour of the morning: "He took off his coat and waist coat, put on a large blue dressing-gown, and then wandered about the room collecting pillows from his bed, and the cushions from the sofa and armchairs....upon which he perched himself cross-legged, with an ounce of shag tobacco and a box of matches." In this scene Sherlock Holmes shows that he is a man who enjoys comfort and freedom, this is demonstrated by the fact he wears a large blue dressing gown, and sits himself up on a large pile of cushions and pillows. The fact he is shown to be very used to having the finer things in life shows that he is most likely to be a wealthy man, who grew up in a privileged family. For people who grew up in a not so privileged family they may enjoy reading these books, as to gain an idea of what it is like to live an upper class life. In "The Man With The Twisted Lip" Sherlock Holmes is found in an opium den, this was a very strange place to find him, and when Watson, notices him, you begin to question in your mind, ...read more.


Sherlock Holmes stories are all based in Victorian times, when living conditions were much different from current times, and therefore these stories also give an audience historical information, about items such as clothes, travel, food and interests. Just the historical information is enough to interest a lot of readers, and give them a valid reason to go ahead and seek out these stories. "A good drive in a dogcart, along heavy roads." This gives evidence of travel and vehicles, which are no longer available to the public. "A lady dressed in black and heavily veiled" This gives us an idea of clothing that people may wear during everyday business, whereas in the current day, no women wear veils other than at weddings and possibly funerals. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson have managed to maintain an interest for readers for centuries and I believe that they will continue to do so, due to the fact that they include so much mystery and suspense, as well as historical evidence. This large mixture of qualities enables the stories to interest a wide range of readers, and undoubtedly the infamous name of Sherlock Holmes will also help the stories to be just as popular during the next century. Emily Minett ...read more.

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