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What has Sheila learnt about herself, her family and her life by the end of 'An Inspector Calls'

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What has Sheila learnt about herself, her family and her life by the end of 'An Inspector Calls'. Sheila, is one of the more sympathetic characters in contrast to the other members of the Birling family she also has the most conscience compared to any of the characters in the book. Sheila is the daughter of Arthur Birling one of the most wealthiest business of the area (Brumly). Sheila is a relatively observant and perceptive character who seems to be the first to notice that the inspector is no ordinary police man on official duty. With this acknowledgment she believes that the inspector has an almost supernatural Omniscience. At the start of the play she was described as a girl who is very pleased with life and rather excited and is very optimistic on the notion of marrying Gerald as well as being attractive, and young. Sheila's attitude towards the inspector is very different compared to the other characters in the play. The moment the inspector walks into the house she feels a very strong vibe coming from the Inspector, and once the Inspector started questioning Mr. ...read more.


This sort of honesty seems to really shock Mr. and Mrs. Birling due to the fact that they prefer to live in a world that shielded unpleasant realities (Such as Eva Smith's death). Sheila's sympathy is emphasised when she genuinely expressed grief to the acknowledgment of Eva Smith's death (Especially knowing that she one of the reasons of her death and blames herself as really responsible) in spite of the fact that she never in her life actually considered the conditions of the workers. Her vanity and immaturity through jealousy (Due to the fact that Eva is more beautiful than Sheila) drove Eva smith out of work, she abused her powers as the daughter of a wealthy businessman and lead her to thing again on her wrong actions: "Well, he inspected us all right. And don't let's start dodging and pretending now. Between us we drove that girl to commit suicide" - (Act three, p.66) This quote really emphasised her remorse for Eva smith, and teaches her how to properly behave, this revelation came from the inspector and it taught her to never repeat such a crime. ...read more.


Her sympathy is again emphasised in this quote: "Was that her name? Eva Smith...I think it was a mean thing to do. Perhaps that spoiled everything for her...But these girls aren't cheap labour- they're people" (Act one, p.19) Sheila is genuinely a good character with a lot of potential to become a great person in contrast to her cold, socially inadequate parents. Although at times she expresses insecurity and cruelty, this sort of unpleasant behaviour is short lived by the moral teachings of The Inspector. This shows that Sheila has willingness to learn, in this play she eventually learns that her parents are incapable of learning Inspector Gooles moral teachings and show no remorse to Eva Smith's death. She learns that she is a very sensitive character and does actions that she will regret for the rest of her life. Sheila's character is Priestley's way of showing that not all humans are like Mr. and Mrs. Birling most humans have a good side and hopes that one day people will develop a social consciousness. After all we are all members of the same body. Michael Tam 5th Form English, Dr. Stroker ...read more.

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