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What ideas of success and failure does Mamet explore in 'Glengarry Glen Ross'?

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English Coursework What ideas of success and failure does Mamet explore in 'Glengarry Glen Ross'? Introduction Mamet introduces us into a world of success and failure of salesmen in real estate, which in effect is a microcosm of the reality[MSOffice1] of the U.S.A. He presents a world in which the salesmen are dominated by the fact that they need to close the leads otherwise they lose their jobs. This is a world of corrupt values where people are prepared to tread on other's faces in order to help themselves. Their love of money is so great that they become selfish, devious, materialistic and extremely competitive. It especially judges success and failure as if you close (ABC - Always Be Closing) you win a Cadillac, come top on the board and carry on to reach the American Dream. If you fail then you lose your job and all hopes of this kind of American Dream are smashed. This is a world about being a man, being macho. If you are not man enough, you cannot close and there is no place for you in real estate. ...read more.


The truth is he is not a man and not able to close, he is losing his grip and as he is coming bottom of the board he is about to lose his job. He pleads with people and rambles on, he is desperate, this is shown in the first scene where he is pleading with Williamson to give him better leads, 'I need you help'. This quote is degrading him and shows a definite weakness, which proves he is not a man as he is not able to close the leads. He is actually begging Williamson to give him better leads, this is a desperate plea, his last chance. Levene wants pity and charity even though he says he doesn't, he is trying to be macho. Swearing is also to be a man in real estate, each of the salesmen use pejorative language towards each other and try to diminish their power by calling them 'child' andgenerally swearing the whole time as in this world to swear is to be a man. ...read more.


Success comes with these language skills as then they will be able to close and A.I.D.A (Attention, Interest, Decision and Action) with that they will always be able to close and proceed to the American Dream. Conclusion: Ultimately Mamet depicts to us a world of success and failure which can be related to the U.S.A. He does this through, love of money, competition, survival of the fittest, the American Dream, Being a man / machismo, interdependence and essentially sales. The values in this world have been corrupted and in real estate in order to get anywhere you have to be a man and have brass balls[MSOffice2]. [MSOffice1]What he sees as the reality of the greed in 1980 America, a corruption of the American Dream [MSOffice2]This is fine as a first draft but you need to spend a little more time exploring a couple of key scenes in the play and considering the way that Mamet as a writer brings to life some of the concepts of success and failure. ?? ?? ?? ?? Max Rankin Page 1 12/18/2007 ...read more.

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