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What is freedom?

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´╗┐Freedom What is freedom? We are born to become ? be free. Freedom is (according to the oxford dictionary): 1. The state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint 1. Exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc. 1. The power to determine action without restraint. 1. Political or national independence. How can we live freely? I think we can live freely by respecting other?s rights to live freely too. We cannot ignore the rights of people with whom we live in DELETE THE society. We cannot simply do what we want and ignore others. We must take other people rights into consideration. With pure freedom comes anarchy, VERY GOOD POINTfor example the freedom of speech conflicts with the freedom that ?Everyone is equal despite differences in skin colour sex, religion, language for example.? If someone believes that dark skinned people are inferior ...read more.


In France, they have banned the Islamic headscarf in schools. The arguments for this are that: 1. It makes everyone in the school appear equal 2. It promotes girls self-confidence as they are not hiding away their bodies 3. It takes away the pressure that may be put on the girls to wear them by their families. The arguments for keeping the headscarf are: 1. It is a choice of the girls 2. It does not affect their education and so should not matter 3. It gives them freedom to fully support their religion Overall, the UN?s human right?s NO ? RIGHTS ? NO APOSTROPHE!! say that ?Everyone has the right to practice and observe all aspects of their religion.?, the French government are preventing the girls from their human rights and making them choose between education and religion, this is a violation of their human rights. ...read more.


Freedom is like trust, once it is gone it is very hard to gain back completely. THIS BIT IS REALLY GREAT When people lose this freedom, it can sometimes bring them together, whether it be as friends or in song. Spiritual or emotional songs are a great ?pick-me-up? or emotional outlet and a useful tool for if they ever gain back their physical freedom. The tool is one of being able to show you feelings in a polite and positive way. Luckily many charities help those that lose their freedom, for example, Globalhand or amnesty international. Global hand helps those in unfortunate and unjust situations and amnesty international tries to stop them happening altogether. Freedom is a very sought-after thing but no one can have it entirely, we should be thankful that we have so much when those less than an hour away are struggling for any freedom at all ...read more.

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