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What is JB Priestley's message in 'An Inspector Calls'? how does he use the drama of the play to help convey this message?

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Inspector Calls What is JB Priestley's message in 'An Inspector Calls'? how does he use the drama of the play to help convey this message? 'Inspector Calls' was written so that we see what effect things like the class system in general had on people like Eva Smith. Exploitation of the working class caused havoc on many lives turning them out of control. A good place to set the scene would be in an industrial town, which is where it is set. In a little fictitious town called Brumley in the North Midlands. It was a good place to set the scene as the North Midlands in 1912 was heavily industrial as it was the Edwardian Era. The important message in this story is quite genuine. It tells us that even if you are top class, top status you do not need to look down your nose at others less fortunate than yourself. Instead you should do your best to help them out and make use of your advantages in life. This shows you what is happening in the world and gives you an idea about the issues and problems people have, "One Eva Smith... still left with us". Act 3 (pg.56) Money-wise the Birlings and Gerald Croft may have been above Eva Smith but I feel your actions also help prove your level in society!!! ...read more.


He was very wealthy. His parents were owners of Croft Ltd. and this is one of the only reasons Mr Birling agreed to the marriae so that maybe one day the two companies could join together. "though Croft...higher prices". Act 1 (pg.4) He took advantage of Daisy Renton. He compromised with her saying that he would help her in return for her becoming his mistress. He used her like a toy and threw her out once he was bored and finished with her. Eric Birling held the last straw for Eva Smith/Daisy Renton. He was very immature for his age and was an alcoholic so he did not know how to handle himself sensibly. When he met Eva Smith he was obviously drunk as he forced himself onto her. They carried on seeing each other. Eric stole some money from his dad when he found out Eva was pregnant. He tried giving her the money but she would not take it as she knew it was stolen. "now he's...the office". Act 3 (pg.54) Eric's character is seen as an immature, liar. Everyone felt very ashamed of him after finding these shocking things out. The Inspector was very 'weird' and did not act like an Inspector should. It was almost like he were not real. ...read more.


That may have worked, otherwise she could have tried looking for another job, which she would have found rather hard. Times really have changed since the World War II giving us better health care with the NHS. Somebody finally opened their eyes to see what was happening around them. It was a very good change that was made. Everybody seems to try their hardest to help others and those who are needy. Nowadays Eva Smith could have survived all this. It is definitely not as hard to find a job and there are hostels for homeless people around. Once the baby was born she could have claimed money and survived on that or somebody most probably would have given her some things whether it was money or clothes etc. This would have been done instead of people ignoring her and treating her as if she was nothing. As a conclusion I think JB Priestley did exceptionally well at getting his point across. It may not have been so obvious at first but with a bit of thought you would understand it. We as a European country are doing well socially and things are getting easier but for 3rd World countries they may be going through whatever Eva Smith went through in 1912. So they are behind but I believe that whether they sort things out with the help of other countries or on their own things will get much better in time. Inspector Calls Christine Barber ...read more.

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