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What is justice? Due to countries traditions, religions and views the death penalty is often supported and justified.

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´╗┐What is justice? For many this may be a simple question to answer but in today?s society the meaning is much more complex. Individually the word brings different meanings to everyone. Although it has a vast list of meanings it can be defined as ?The quality of being fair and reasonable.? In today?s society justice is in the centre of every debate, whether it?s in the legal system, politics or human rights campaigns. Particularly in the legal system its definition is that the defendant must be punished to a sentence that fits the crime they committed. Depending where you live this punishment usually entails some type of prison sentence or maybe even the death penalty. Most countries have abolished capital punishment from their legal system. Due to countries traditions, religions and views the death penalty is often supported and justified. However does the death penalty serve as a justified and valid form of a punishment? Which makes you think, are certain countries breaching the laws of justice or is Australia being too lenient in its sentencing? ...read more.


Unaware of the supporting information to the defendant and their crime it still clear to say many sentences carry out in the Middle East are unjustified. Secondly, the United States is one of the very few industrialized countries in the world which continues to execute criminals. Most states that continue to execute people use a combination of drugs that are injected into the criminal?s veins. This sometimes causes high levels of pain and distress to the inmates. People on death row are usually convicted of murder in the first degree. First degree murder in America is seen as the worst type of murder which is premeditated, specific intent to kill and deliberate. While most convicted murders are sentenced to imprisonment. This sparks numerous debates across the world claiming that execution is a form of hypocrisy. When Americans were asked whether they prefer to keep or abolish the death penalty, various surveys have shown that about 70 of American adults say that they want to retain capital punishment. ...read more.


If the same trial took place in Australia the boy would have most likely be convicted for manslaughter with a maximum of 10 years imprisonment. Many countries and cultures are divided on the topic of the best suitable punishment. Really it boils down to one of two issues: 1. Rights. Do criminals still have them, and if they do, then are they still strong enough to block attempts by those who don't like them to hurt them (victims right to retribution for example). In the event of miscarriages of justice the issue can be framed as the rights of the innocent few to be killed to kill the guilty many. 2. Effectiveness. If we decide that rights are being breached but not so much we can't justify it, or that rights aren't being breached problematically, does it get us what we want? Does it kill too many innocents to be justified, is there any deterrent? Whether or not these things are sufficient for the penalty is the rights issue, but if it can be justified then does the empirical evidence suggest it would be. ...read more.

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