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What is The Function of the Inspector in the Play?

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What is The Function of the Inspector in the Play? The title of the play is an Inspector Calls. This to me obviously means a dilemma with crime which the audience may expect the play to be problem with crime because the title is more of a giveaway to the play. In my view the audience may expect "An inspector trying to solve a crime, And him being the culprit in the end. This play in my view is very different in a way to many other plays because shows moral attidudes.The function of the play is when the inspector in the end tries to be something which he's not. Also How an Inspector is expressing his values and Moralities of what he thinks in his life and follows his morals and attitude in life. So all along throughout the play creates a character in which he really wasn't .Which shows a twist to the story, So the audience don't really know what happening, which leaves them confused with thought, This creates a good effect to the story. Priestly uses the character in a way were the character makes a whole new character within himself, Which means Inspector knows all the information about Eva smith but yet to know we don't know who the real character is within himself. Which I like how priestly has used this technique because shows how he has brought the character out in different ways and how its shows to the audience which creates a completely different affect. ...read more.


But then again it shows how quickly the tables can turn. The characters in which I have stated before don't feel responsible for Eva's deaths are Mrs Birling and Mr Birling, Well I reacted in a way that they didn't feel responsible for Eva's death but then why not let her R.I.P.Because there's no point in bringing the bad thoughts of a person once there gone. This was one of the reasons why I thought the Birling Family was stuck up especially Mrs Birling. Because she was one of the family members who didn't feel guilty at all,Eventhough Eva Smiths already dead.Priestlys effect of this has been the inspector to make them feel bad when interrogating them. Which shows to the audience in what thee character feels in which way they feel responsible or not at all and why? Which I think the reason why Mrs Birling doesn't feel guilty. Which I think is a good effect How Priestly has used this effect because one of the e Inspectors moral attitudes is, "Each of you helped kill her". "Remember it". "Never forget that". One of the reason for Mr Birling cheating on Mrs Birling is I think the day That he got drunk he didn't know what he was doing, and finds Eva Smith attractive more than Mrs Birling, Which I think was one of the reasons Why Shelia had fired Eva smith Partly also because of her mum.Priestly's purpose in using the inspector to examine these characters are in showing what the inspector feels and ...read more.


This part of the play is the dramatic function in which is caused due to Eva death which then is all concluded in what the inspector is trying to say once he comes out of his character to talk to the audience. I think the inspector does have something to do with Eva Smiths death and therefore, wants to find out as much information as he possibly can. This to me even though he's not a real inspector has a suspicious reason to find out so much about this one particular girl. My reaction of the inspector is that even though he has found out a lot of information he lives by his morals and sticks to them. This means he's a smart character because he doesn't let anyone mess him about and what he asks for he should get. This is how his character of the "Inspector" had come across to me. The inspector lives by the book and therefore has moral attitudes in the play, which I think he doesn't want to show much different. Through out this whole play I have learned that within one character there attitudes are all very different, and all come across to e that they have different morals in life which they all stick to especially the "Inspector". This has been my reaction and my opinion and view through out the play. Which means to me this play is very different because has morals in which are, all included to each of the characters. By Abdul ...read more.

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