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What makes Act three of the crucible such an exciting scene to watch? How can this excitement be maximised by modern staging technique?

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English Coursework What makes Act three of the crucible such an exciting scene to watch? How can this excitement be maximised by modern staging technique? Act three of The Crucible is an exceptionally exhilarating scene due to the playwright's development of dramatic tension, which captures the audience's attention. It is set in 1692 in Salem's witch trial. This scene is particularly moving because a group of teenage girls condemn the whole village and the end sentences many good people to death. The court scenes were times of tension, intensity, pressure and conflicts between powerful authorities refusing to realise they have signed innocent lives on the strength of a lie. Also things are permanently and physically changed when they are turned from one thing into another. This is reflected by the fact that many characters in the play are exposed to high pressures during the trial. This pushes many characters to the limit of reason and changes them mentally, physically and spiritually. Act three is particularly exiting as it is the part of the play that moves rapidly and characters behave with indescribable drama. ...read more.


He does posses some fragments of evil in his soul. His intentions are to do well and that justice is served, but he wants this so badly, that he also turns to evil incentives to kill Abigail. During the Salem witch trials religion was much more so than now, the answer to what people didn't understand. So as a result, ministers and priests were extremely powerful because they were the only people that were "qualified" to interpret the rules of their religion. They were considered to be the voice of God. Abigail begins to act as though she is afflicted. The other girls follow her. Her accusing eyes roam until finally settling on Mary Warren. Mary Warren tries to fight Abigail but the favour of the room is quickly slipping away from her. Proctor having no options left, reveals his affair with Abigail and tries to show her motivation to see Elizabeth Proctor condemned. The men are horrified. Proctor says to the men of the court in his last attempt to save his wife and prove the dishonesty of the girls. "She thinks to dance with me on my wife's grave! ...read more.


Arthur Miller successfully related to its audience and left us with the messages that still echo today. The Crucible must be considered to be a great drama because of Millers skilful play writing which created a script that not only addressed the idea of conformity in American culture, but also illustrated the unreal amount of power that select individuals hold because they define the means in which we live. It also addressed issues, which were as important to Americans in the 1950s as they are today. Arthur Millers play took on very strong themes and took a stand against issues that are still pertinent to date. The Crucible is a play that no one will ever be able to ignore because of Millers ability to touch issues and themes that have plagued mankind throughout history and will continue to do so in the future. This act had tremendous feelings with many inside twists hidden in the archives of the story. It was an act with emotional feelings, feelings of anger, hate and evil, yet feelings of manipulations, good and pureness. A fireball of guilt, evil and good compiled into one magnification. The act contained many scenarios of good versus evil. Every character could either be placed under good or bad intentions. ...read more.

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