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What message do you think Priestly wanted to convey to his audience when he wrote 'An Inspector Calls'? Consider to what extent he was successful and how he achieved his aim.

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What message do you think Priestly wanted to convey to his audience when he wrote 'An Inspector Calls'? Consider to what extent he was successful and how he achieved his aim. The author J.B Priestly wrote the play 'An Inspector Calls'. The play was written and completed in 1945. The play was set in the past, as the play was set in 1912, we know this because the war was soon to start, and the maiden voyage of the Titanic was to set sail. J.B Priestly had a strong message to society. J.B Priestly was one of the most popular authors of his time. J.B Priestly was a social and political thinker, these are the two aspects that count in this play. J.B Priestly was a strong patriotic socialist, and felt very strongly for social change to help the poor. During the Second World War J.B Priestly made radio broadcast. In the play 'An Inspector Calls' there are many times when rich and poor people clash against each other. The first time this happens is when the Inspector mentions the death of an ex-worker of Arthur Birling called Eva Smith. ...read more.


The only character that even mentions that possible war was Mr. Birling, he said "a few German officers talking nonsense and a few scaremongers here making a fuss about nothing." So if the rest of the Birling family have been told this from they're farther, and in 1912 no one would question the opinion of the man of the house. When you first meet Sheila in the play she is very selfish, she got Eva Smith fired from Mr. Birling's company, because Eva looked nicer in a hat than she did. But when Sheila finds out the Eva has died Sheila then feels remorse and feels guilty for her death. Sheila says "let's have another drink" by saying this J.B. Priestly implies there is hope for her yet. The inspector talks to Mr. Birling with more respect than Sheila, Eric and Gerald. In the end Sheila responds to the Inspector in a good way, and the two of them have a positive relationship. This conveys that J.B. Priestly wants the Inspector to be a mystery character. Arthur Birling does not get on as well with the Inspector as well as his daughter Sheila. ...read more.


Mrs. Birling was working at the charity shop and Eva went to her for help with money but she got turned away by Mrs. Birling because she thought that Eva was "impertinetery" due to Eva using Birling as her last name, and naming Gerald as her husband. Gerald had a love affair with Eva, he looked after her for a while, but then he had to go on business and Eva ran out of money and that is why Eva went to Mrs. Birling for help. The Inspector is the mystery character in this play. You never know what he is going to say or do next. At the end of the play, the birling family get a phone call saying that a girl called Eva Smith is dead and that they are sending a Inspector round to ask a few questions., and then the Inspector that we know has then suddenly vanished. There is a chance that Inpector Goole is a goul that has been made up by the imagination of the Birling family, because they all feel guilty to what they have done to Eva. The other option is that the Inspector is a stranger that had seen what they did to Eva and then trying to black mail them. Matthew Moullin English ...read more.

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