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What Miller tells us about Christian society in ‘the crucible.’

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What Miller tells us about Christian society in 'the crucible.' Arthur Miller wrote the crucible in 1952. Arthur Miller was born in New York on the 17th October 1915. The first play he wrote that was produced and shown on stage was 'no villan' which was about his own family. Arthur Miller's most famous play is 'Death of a salesman' but Arthur Miller is not most famous for being an excellent play-write. His marriage to Marilynn Monroe was his most famed action. Arthur Miller has written many plays including 'The crucible' 'Death of a salesman' 'All my sons' and 'A view from the bridge' I am writing my essay about 'the crucible'. This is a play about Miller's view of Christian society and the witch-hunts that were taking place in America at the time that the play was written. When Miller wrote the play he was subject to a witch-hunt, lead by Senator McCarthy to find all the communists in America. McCarthyism is there fore where a person is being accused of something where there is no proof and they in turn to get out of trouble pass the blame to someone else. ...read more.


In this town you are respected more according to how much land you have and how wealthy you are. This shows when people were being accused. In the beginning when the first people are being accused they pick on the people who are old and have very little money or land. Near the end of the play Abby steals �31 from Parris before she runs away and the guard who is meant to be watching Proctor is willing to accept a bribe for his release, offered by Abby on her way to the docks. Thomas Putnam wants more land and to get it he makes his daughter accuse all their neighbors so he can buy their land at auction. Ruth Putnam accuses people like Rebecca Nurse's husband who are completely defenseless just so as her father can buy their land and get more money. Rev. Parris wants the deed, he wants a pay-rise, he wants gold and he wants things that he does not need but wants every thing he can get. Abby wants power, and she gets it. She has the power to send people to their death if she wants she also has the power to get the rest of the girls to do ...read more.


Abby is the center of most of the bloods goings on and she causes the bloodthirsty attitude of the people in Salem to escalate to the extent where if anything happens then the person who is nearest at the time would be accused of witchcraft. This happens even if it is something that could easily happen like some fire wood falling over or a fire burning too brightly. All through the play the people are looking for a scapegoat to blame everything on and that is what they do. My conclusion of the play is that through the crucible Miller can put forth his views about religion and the communist hunt that was going on. Miller also can make people start to agree with the way he is thinking but he does it subtlety so that you don't notice that you are starting to think slightly differently. The practice of turning people in to scapegoats is used throughout the play and what Miller does is to bring out the worst in people but to also to have some people who rise to the occasion and perform brilliantly even under great pressure. There are also the people like Giles Corey who through their actions remain the heroes until the end. ...read more.

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