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Whats your superhero power? Tim asked inquisitively. Anne didnt know what on earth Tim was talking about. What are you talking about?

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Torrent CHAPTER 1 When Anne Munroe was seven years old she was already on her death bed. She had a fatal disease called H-N24. She was not able to move and she only had a few weeks of life left. Members of her family and friends all paid their last respects. However, a few days before she was expected to die a professor, that was developing a new drug for this disease, offered the family some hope. The family accepted to use this new drug as this was the only hope of rescuing their daughter. Anne was taken to the hospital where the experiment would take place she was joined with another child. His name was Tim Osiris and also had the same degenerative disease. The professor, called Dr. Kymoto, injected the suffering patients with a serum created in his underground laboratory. Initially the drug did not seem to work however, a few days later Anne woke from a deep sleep to find the boy who she had met at the hospital next to her. She heard her mother's voice, "It's worked! Tim has recovered; do you remember him from the other day?" "Yes...Hi Tim" Anne whispered. "Wonderful, you can finally speak; I thought I had lost you." ...read more.


He knew the professor's drug had worked as he felt like he did all those years ago waking up for the first time with his powers when he was 7. The Doctor was standing in front of him. "How do you feel?" The doctor asked. "I feel great, better than ever." Tim replied with a grin. "Go on then, Test your new powers" said Dr. Kymoto. Tim left the laboratory followed by the doctor to the garden above. Tim had new powers as well as his old one; he now had super strength and could break things like bones and turn buildings to rubble with his sound waves. "My new name will be Osirs!" He shouted. Dr Kymoto asked him to come back to the lab to do further tests but he refused, after all Tim wanted to go home and be the new superhero of London. The Doctor urged Tim to stop but he wasn't listening. "I don't need you anymore Professor!" Tim Shouted. Tim lifted his hand and crushed Dr. Kymoto's bones with his sound waves. He then flew out of sight into the sky leaving the old man dead. Anne was worried about Tim and his mum. However, she was very suspicious. It was not like Tim to not call for weeks. ...read more.


"How do you suppose to do that?" The super villain proclaimed. Torrent was stuck she didn't know what to do. She looked down to the crowd they were cheering her name. She saw people drinking water and people jumping around shouting words of encouragement. Then suddenly she was overwhelmed with pain. Osiris had punched her in the back, with his super strength it was excruciating. Then it came to her, she knew what to do. The people down on the ground had given her an idea. "Osiris," said Torrent in a painful voice. "Humans are made up of 80% water." "So...?" He asked inquisitively "I can draw it all out of you!" She said slightly winded. Torrent raised her hand, and started to suck all of Osiris' water out of him. "Noooo!" He shouted. The dome of heat stopped, and so Torrent ended her dome as well. Osiris had turned into sand and floated away in the wind. Torrent put his water into the Thames. She was sad her friend was dead, but had saved London and its inhabitants. A few days later the celebrations began and Torrent was paraded through the city streets, she was considered a hero and a role model to young children. Everyone around the world knows her and she still protects London 10 years on. As for Osiris he hasn't been seen since. ...read more.

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