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When a man is tired of London is he is tired of life?

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´╗┐The London Debate Sam Cumming 5A ?When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life?for there is in London all that life can afford? Today I would like to speak to you about the important matter at hand and I hope by the end of this speech I will have left you in a clear mindset to decide on your conclusion. We all know without a doubt that London is a major city in society and always has been. The important question is whether it contains everything that life can afford of offer. Peter Ackroyd once said that London is ?Beyond any boundary or convention. It contains every wish or word ever spoken, every action or gesture ever made, every harsh or noble statement ever expressed. It is illimitable. It is Infinite London.? Many people believe that London has everything to offer with its culture and wide variety of endless opportunities. ...read more.


London has strengths in all areas including arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, research and development, tourism and transport all contributing to its prominence. According to Wikipedia, in July 2010 Greater London had an official population of 7,825,200, making it the most populous municipality in the European Union. Currently, London may not be the biggest or the wealthiest city in the world however, this does not have any influence on the huge significance and importance it has on the world. James Geary one quoted: ?London always reminds me of a brain. It is similarly convoluted and circuitous. A lot of cities, especially American ones like New York and Chicago, are laid out in straight lines. Like the circuits on computer chips, there are a lot of right angles in cities like this. But London is a glorious mess. ...read more.


London is not untouchable and many teenagers are scared of getting robbed, just walking home from school. This is not an ideal society and not a society that anyone wants to be associated with. These problems all lead from London?s famous gangs and these gangs lead to drugs. Since 2006 the usage and growth of crystal meth has gone up considerably and it is arguably the most dangerous drug. However, to conclude my argument, the problem is not with London, but is instead with human nature. It is human nature that we get bored and that over time, we all want change. London does not have all life has to offer because no person wants to stay in the exact same place for every remaining second of their life. People need a change of scenery, setting, weather, even if it is just for a short period of time such as a vacation. People want to experience different cultures and societies for their own pleasure. Ladies and gentleman, thank you very much for your time. ...read more.

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