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When I did, I almost wanted to die...there was not a scratch of clothing on me...ashamed of being found in such a state, I ran in all directions to fetch something...anything...there it was...my boat...wrecked on the great grey rocks

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CASTAWAY ON A DESERTED ISLAND INSTRUCTIONS: Type in Font size 12 June 1st 1960 Items: Knife, cock, hen, rope, blanket Location: Unknown 1st JUNE, 1960 The sun was at its peak, its sharp rays penetrating through my thin eyelids; blinding me. They were not rays of warmth, no, they were more like spears, torturing me to open my eyes. No, I couldn't open my eyes, I wouldn't! My dream... I couldn't possibly leave it unfinished!... I was back in my childhood, climbing the stairs of what seemed like a huge hall, I could hear the crowd roaring...my name!...I was getting the 'Best Student of the year award'...oh... the pride, its was glorious... but the skin on my back burned...I was smiling...but then, why were my eyes blinded with this strange red light? Curiosity rose within...was I dead? No I couldn't be...but perhaps...yes..., the scene from the great hall had transformed into beautiful cloud patterns...somewhere up in the sky...I was watching them drift slowly... the big round fluffy shapes looked so beautiful...so heaven-like...I wanted to get up and see where I was...it was difficult to come out of that splendid dream...I lifted my arm to my forehead...but it wouldn't move!... terrified, I looked sideways, only to find that my neck felt jammed and ached badly... so I wasn't dead...thanks be to God! The sea was roaring...besides it happened just a week ago...but it seems as if years have passed... I was there, lying on the sand...the scent of wet sand brought strange memories to my mind...memories of my childhood again...when I would go out to the beach with mum and make sandcastles...but where was I right now?....why did no one come to fetch me...then It all came back to me...like a nightmare, fainted by fear...the scene played like a film, in front of my eyes... the ship hitting the big rock... the uproar of people...frightened...I remember jumping from the boat rail...the water was icy cold...burning my skin...I was never a good swimmer, but the ...read more.


I tied the rope in a loop, threw it over on of the leaves form the other tree and after many unsuccessful attempts I finally caught the leave in the loop and pulled it...when the leaf was in arm's reach I took out a piece of rope which I'd cut and tied to my waist prior to climbing and tied leaves from both the trees...I kept ton top of the tree until I had tied all the leaves of the two trees together. It was an exhausting task, but this wasn't the end... I had to get something to lie on for the night...as the worms and insects were sure to find me near water. I found a plant...it looked strange but proved helpful...it had a fragile stem but its leaves were broad and soft...like that of a banana tree, but there was no fruit on it. So I cut off the leaves with my knife and laid them on top of one another, under the shade of the hut which I'd just made from the tree leaves...my little hut was ready but my little stomach roared angrily... what was I to do...the day's exhaustion lead me to sleep quickly that night. 3rd JUNE, 1960 Today I went to the beach again, to fish! Can anyone believe it?...me...fishing in the sea... the idea popped into my head so abruptly while I was looking around the trees today morning...trying in vain to look for some fruit which to my disappointment were nowhere to be found...at first I was quite shocked at the exceptional idea of FISHING, but then my empty stomach was driving me crazy, its occasional churning had turned into frequent loud rumbling noises which would hurt so badly that I at times, was almost crying...but I had to be strong...maybe there WERE people near this area but just a bit further away. I was sure there was hope...after all, there is NO such place which is uninhabited...I was sure of that...maybe not THAT sure! ...read more.


all yours!, everything you see from the hilltop, every tree, every leaf, every drop of water that flows in this water stream is yours...and you want to leave all these precious possession?...surely you must be mad!... my brain was whirling with all these thoughts... memories crossed my brain as slide shows...me, playing with my mother...a child again, the faces of my parents, brothers and sister passed my eyes, all looking miserable...as if missing me...the ship had anchored... the sounds were becoming louder...I was finally leaving this deserted place...this cursed land...I will forget all these jarring moments at last and go back home!... The excitement... the gratification was too massive to be contained in...I wanted to jump, to celebrate! Excitement ran although my body, like electric currents... I HAD to open my eyes...I HAD to go...I'll rush to the shore to find it there ...waiting for me...I was sure... Unwillingly, I gave up and on opening my eyes, immediately above me...was a gigantic face...I panicked and screamed with fear... at he end I was only embarrassed to find that it was my brother... leaning over my face, holding a red torch and pointing it towards my eyes... my little sister had both my arms stiffly clung to the bed and I was back in my room...in my bed...realizing the truth, I rose and instead of placing a heavy smack on my brother and sister's faces, I gave them a big hug...their shock at such an attitude would have ensured them of my vanity but...after all we should all have a little suspense in life...should we not? Total Words: 3624 it was my perhaps which had enabled me to live thus far Resilience Reticence Perfidy Juxtaposition Credulity Jarring Wrought Ambulatory Eclectic Terrestrial Homogenous Sanguine ... corroborate Serene ... revoke Alibi. Sought friendship Synergy Antipathy ... distaste for Consensus. Aversion ... reverence for Aptitude Construe Reminiscent Contemplation Disoriented disposition Nostalgic value Aesthetic charm ?? ?? ?? ?? IELETS Exercise No.1 Fatima Ahmed Raja Page 1 Year 12G ...read more.

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