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"Which of the character in of mice and men is the loneliest and why?"

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Of Mice and Men. "Which of the character in of mice and men is the loneliest and why?" "Of mice and men" is the title of John Steinbeck's novella the name is inspired by Robert Burns's poem. There was a belief that America was the land of opportunity. In the nineteen hundreds, there was great depression in America because there wasn't enough money around, so people couldn't get jobs with decent pay. Some people went around from farm to farm doing temporary work, they were called ranch workers. Due to this lack of money and jobs being temporary, people moved around so much they were unable to hold friendships, so some people became very anti social and others developed unusual characteristics. John Steinbeck was a writer who did travel around ranches and had an idea of what the ranch life was like I believe he wrote the novella not just to show people the lives lead in the great depression but also to give them an idea of what his personal experiences had been like. The two main characters in "Of Mice and Men" are George and Lennie. George is first introduced as being "small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp, strong features." ...read more.


I personally feel that the dog's qualities are mentioned more than the man's so that you see the man like his dog sharing a sort of bond similar to George and Lennies. Candy loses his dog the chapter after it is introduced. This dog is an animal that Candy has become extremely attached to and I believe he sees it as an old companion he can always trust to be there. When he looses his dog he looses his friend. Candy knows he is getting old and his fate in the novella seems sealed and he knows it. When he is of no use and cant do any labor work he will die. Which shows he must have lead a fairly lonely unfulfilled life even by that years standards. I consider Candy to be one of the people who could possibly be seen as the loneliest as he loses his companion and is sort of an image of how most ranch workers are doomed to end up dying due to loosing there abilities to work. He shows how desperate he is to escape his fate when joining with George and Lennie to try and get enough money to buy some land. ...read more.


Curley I don't think is one of the loneliest in the novella as he has a wife and a successful parent to look after him and keep him content in several ways, he has the power to get rid of people he does not like or work against them and he gets respect from his status. Of all of these main characters in the novella I consider Candy and Crooks to be the two loneliest Candy because of the fact he knows how he will soon be useless and the fact he looses his closest companion and Crooks because he is disabled and discriminated against yet seems happy to be around people. I think Crooks also because he is sort of an outcast from a community that is made up from people who are afraid of each other but still able to group up on him when he is around. Both of these characters know they have no future where they are and wont be able to secure anything before dying both there fates are sealed with them completely alone unlike all the others that's why I chose them. ...read more.

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