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Who Am I - Creative Writing

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Who am I? Mum, Dad and I had just moved to St Ives from Plymouth. It wasn't very far away but it did mean that I had to make new friends. For me, this proved to be very hard. I'd only just made friends back in Plymouth. For a 14-year-old teenage boy, who had been the one last to be picked for football teams, and whom everyone thought didn't exist because I was so quiet, St Ives was going to be a big challenge. However, it was going to be more of a battle than I ever imagined. My first day at my new school was a disaster from the moment I was awoken by my alarm. First off, it was raining. And mum had already gone to work so she couldn't give me a lift. ...read more.


I decided to confront mum when I got home. I spoke very clearly and slowly. 'Who is my real mother?' Mum froze. For a second she looked terrified. Then her face went hard like a mask. No emotion. 'I am' she said. 'What do you mean?' 'Nothing.' This was going to be harder than I thought. So I decided to go and find dad. He was unpacking a box downstairs, so I decided to help him and start taking some boxes upstairs. I came across, a very heavy box and decided to have a peek inside to see why it was so heavy. Paper, paper and more paper. It looks like files of some sort. And I saw a sticky-note on a folder with a website on it, 'Missing-Children.com'. ...read more.


They were so desperate for a child, that they would do anything to get one. My mum has recently been in contact with her and found that she is still in the area. I'm told that when I was bought, they were given no information about me, so my mum brought us back here to see if she could discover anything new. She is meeting up with her tomorrow to find out more about my past and why I'm a 'missing child'. Well, at least I'll have a rough idea of what to write for my 'who am I' essay. But to me my past is desolate. I am happy with my parents now, so even though my mum is still meeting up with her, it won't change anything for me. I love my parents, and wouldn't change them for anything. Chantel Sullivan ...read more.

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