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Who is more monstrous Frankenstein or his monster?

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Who is more monstrous Frankenstein or his monster? It is a common misconception of many thousands of children that in the story of Frankenstein it is not victor Frankenstein but it his monster who is called Frankenstein. This is ironic because it is my belief that it is not the monster that is monstrous but it is his creator, for the two of them to have a name in common I believe that this also implies that they have some characteristics as well. Take the Ten Commandments the Christians rules that define a sinner in the most definitive way: VICTOR Frankenstein breaks several of these rules, he creates in himself an idol to rival that of god, he in effect kills three if not four people although indirectly and he tries to take out of society his greatest fear, the fear of women. When Frankenstein is undertaking the creation of his monster he seems so perplexed by the work of his hands and the genius of it all that he forgets to look at the bigger ...read more.


The second type of monster is totally on the contrary he or whatever it is, is to most people, just another person but it is inside where his monstrosity comes in, this type of monster is someone who's soul has been corrupted by evil and who therefore is ruthless and despicable. And it is both of these two types of monster who can be seen in the novel and I don't think that I need to tell you which one is which. I struggle to find examples other than the obvious sins in the creation of the monster and his self-pity, which can condemn the actions of Frankenstein as a monstrous person but it is impossible not to feel the atmosphere of the whole book and in feeling the atmosphere begin to understand the whole concept of the idea that Mary Shelley is trying to portray and demonstrate. It is man's greatest dream and fantasy and yet ultimate fear to have the power to create life and so it is in my eyes, and I am sure in the eyes of the world, the most sinful of evils. ...read more.


It is only once he has been rejected by the De-Lacys that he turns to evil in desperation. His original goodness is hence corrupted and destroyed by the society that created him and from then on starting with the killing of William he turns to evil for comfort comparing himself to the devils in paradise lost. His one last chance to continue to live in sanity is to find the evil who created him and to ask him that he may be allowed to have female in order to keep him company that he need not terrorise society. It is here that Frankenstein shows his fear for the opposite sex and the misconception of the power that a female can hold over a man. And so he refuses to create this being for his monster in effect forcing him to turn on society in blind rage, so selfish is this action that Frankenstein ignores all the impact that this may have on the society and of human sanctity- surely this is evil enough to describe the doer as a monster? ...read more.

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