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Who is responsible for the death of Eddie Carbone?

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Keshina Bouri 10PM Who is responsible for the death of Eddie Carbone? Arthur Miller has become one of Americas most important and influential playwrights. His plays often explore the position of the individual in relation to their responsibilities and position in society. However, Miller's plays reveal a deep and sympathetic understanding of how people think, behave and react to the world around them, especially when they find themselves in situations which threaten to defeat them. The play 'A View from the Bridge' has it's origins in the late 1940's when Arthur Miller became interested in the work and lives of dockworkers and longshoremen of New York's Brooklyn harbour and where he himself had previously worked. He became interested in the poorly paid people exploited by their bosses and who were in many cases only recent immigrants to the United States. They had come to America, as Miller's parents had done in hope of the work, wealth and security that their home countries could not guarantee. At this time a young lawyer friend of Miller's mentioned a story he had heard of a longshoreman who had told the immigration bureau on two brothers, his own relatives, who were living illegally in his home, in order to break an engagement between one of them and his niece. ...read more.


Eddie is disturbed by what he sees as Rodolfo being effeminate. He does not like the fact that Rodolfo is seeing Catherine and hasn't asked his permission to do so. This leads him to believe that he has no respect for him "He don't bless me" Eddie believes Rodolfo can't respect him as he does things with Catherine under his nose. Eddie believes Rodolfo is trying to steal Catherine's affections just for papers a right to stay in America not because he loves her. He tells her: "He marries you he's got the right to be an American Citizen" He believes this as he cares for Catherine too much and can't bear to let her go and in some ways he loves her too much. I believe Rodolfo plays a major part in Eddie's death as his jealousy of Rodolfo's relationship with Catherine drives him to do what he does. In Act two when Eddie comes home drunk and finds Rodolfo and Catherine in the bedroom it seems to be the last straw for him; he cannot bear to see Catherine with anyone else but himself. ...read more.


Once Rodolfo and Marco have been picked up by the immigration, Eddie does realise he has done wrong and realises bit by bit he will lose respect of his family and his community. Marco spits in Eddie's face and takes the first step in destroying Eddie. "That one! He killed my children! That one stole the food from my children!" by Marco saying this he turns everyone against Eddie and everyone starts to lose respect for him. Marco is taken to prison. Despite Alfieri's best efforts Marco is intent upon revenge for his betrayal while at the same time Eddie wants to maintain his reputation and his honour. When Marco gets bail Eddie and Marco come face to face in full view of the neighbourhood. Eddie clearly wants his respect and all Marco wants is revenge. He claims that he didn't betray Marco and demands an apology and his respect "Tell the people Marco, tell them what a liar you are!" Eddie's lack of respect makes him bring out a knife to fight Marco but is killed by his own knife and instantly looses everything. Finally the importance of respect in this community drives Eddie Carbone to his death. Eddie wants family and community loyalty and this and the characters attitudes towards Eddie are responsible for his downfall and ultimately his bloody death. ...read more.

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