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Who is responsible for the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

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Shakespeare Coursework Who is responsible for the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet? William Shakespeare is a word famous dramatist who wrote a variety of interesting plays including Macbeth, Twelfth Knight, A Comedy Of Errors, Henry V. and Romeo and Juliet. His plays were tragedies, comedies and historical text. Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564. He got married to Anne Hathaway and had three children with her. His son Hammet died and soon after Shakespeare left his wife, some think it was because of the pressure of his son dieing. He then left for London and started writing plays. He wrote most of his plays for the Globe Theatre where he worked for a period of nineteen years and wrote two plays a year. In total he wrote thirty-seven plays. The Globe Theatre was a very popular theatre in London during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. This is mainly because both rich and poor people would go there. In the Globe Theatre they did not have many props, and women actors were not allowed on stage. Taking this into account this makes Shakespeare's two plays a year for the Globe Theatre even more remarkable. ...read more.


Benvolio advises Romeo to go to the party and see girls that are much better looking than Rosaline "I will make thee think thy swan a crow". Romeo agrees to go but to see Rosaline. This is probably a bad idea because if Romeo stalks Rosaline and she makes a seen he and his fellow Mantagues will be found in a Capulet party and would probably be killed. Capulet is a good host because he welcomes his guests at the door. He also has mistresses for the men to walk around with. Capulet also enjoys himself in his party instead of worrying about every last thing. This would help his guests to relax. When Romeo first sees Juliet at the Capulet party he is stunned by her beauty. He starts to speak of how beautiful she is "it seems she hangs upon the cheek of night, as rich jewel in an Ethiop's ear" he also goes on to say how nothing or nobody can stand up to her beauty "so shows a snowy dove trooping with crows" and he finally sums it up by saying "for I ne'er saw true beauty till this night". ...read more.


Some of the things in the play are very coincidental. Such as the way they meet, Romeo at the party, Tybalt getting killed by Romeo and the letter about Juliet not reaching Romeo. This is supposed to be the role of fate. Shakespeare probably wrote about fate in this way because it is what the Elizabethans thought fate was like. The Elizabethan's believed fate was like a wheel going around from good to bad. This explains Romeo marrying Juliet, Mercutio dieing, Romeo's wedding night with Juliet and then them both dieing. Fate is meant to be written in the stars so it is thought to be impossible to change it because you would have to move stars to change it. This could mean the couple were doomed from the start. Some of the quotes suggest that the couple anything about their situation "a greater power than we can contradict" meaning the power at work was to powerful for them to compete against. I don't believe that Romeo and Juliet are helpless because I believe you make your own luck. I also believe that if they had not rushed into these things might have turned out differently. This is why I think Romeo and Juliet themselves are biggest to blame for their own deaths. Adam Joseph 11L ...read more.

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