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Who is responsible of the death of Romeo and Juliet.

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WHO IS RESONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF ROMEO AND JUIELIET In this piece of coursework I'm going to find out who is responsible of the death of Romeo and Juliet. I am going to focus mainly on Tybalt, Friar Lawrence, benvilio, the nurse, Romeo and Juliet themselves. I'm going to look in very deeply into the role of these people and come down to a conclusion of who is the largely responsible for the death, I agreed that every one in the play had at least something to do with the death of Romeo and Juliet. Mercuito getting killed by tybalt, which lead Romeo to murder tybalt, which escorted Romeo getting banished from Verona, which lead him to get false information about Juliet and then decide to kill himself. Lady Capulet which demanded that Romeo is banished, then you have The Prince who agrees and quoted that if Romeo comes into Verona he should be killed. I'm now going to now start on my essay. I will begin with friar Lawrence talking about how he put to much pressure on Romeo and Juliet to marry. ...read more.


"Be ruled by me, forget to think of her, examine other beauties" benvilio new that it will be a risk going so they decided to wear mask so the Capulets wont no there Montague's. . tybalt spotted Romeo and cause a huge argument. If it wasn't for benvilio forcing Romeo to go to the part then Romeo wouldn't of seen Juliet and then wouldn't be noticed by tybalt which then was going to who then when on to kill mercuitio who was defending Romeo. The Romeo would have no reason to kill tybalt, so he wouldn't be banished to Mantua. Which then lead on to the death of Romeo and Juliet? It will be very cruel on benvilio if u blame him for the death of Romeo and Juliet. He just thought going to the Capulet party will be a laugh. He couldn't predict those harsh futures which lead to death of Romeo and Juliet There is not a lot of facts which say tybalt was guilty for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet but he did play a small roll in killing Mercutio. ...read more.


Also he forced Juliet to marry Paris. If he didn't force her to marry Paris she wouldn't of faked her death then Romeo wouldn't have thought she was dead and Romeo wouldn't of killed himself. Also him as the man of the house he could have been grown up enough to tell the Montague's to stop the feud but he didn't. So the feud carried on. He had to wait for 4 people to die then they all decided to stop this nonsense. To conclude you can see that some people had more to do with the deaths then others. Fate could have a lot to do with the deaths as well. Out of all the people I blame Capulet the most. He is a grown man with a wonderful life. All he had to do is to stop the feud between the Capulet's and the Montague's and Romeo and Juliet could of lived a happy life and there would have been no deaths. Capulet thought he was so hard and loyal and thought there is no reason to stop this feud between the two families. Until the end when Romeo and Juliet are dead and he realises that him and his family are in the wrong. Rhys Allen 10n English course work ...read more.

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