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Who is to blame for the death of Juliet?

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Lyndsey Flinders Romeo and Juliet coursework 10 July 2004 William Shakespeare was born in April 1564 in Stratford-upon Avon. William went to Stratford grammar school but never went to university. William married Anne Hathaway in 1582 and had three children named Susanna and twins named Judith and Hamnet. Seven years after having children William was recognised as an actor, poet and playwright. William wrote 40 plays including Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Twelfth Night, Julius Caesar and Othello. He also wrote lots of poems before dying in 1616 on the 23rd April his 52nd birthday. Romeo and Juliet is a story about two young adults falling in love. Romeo is a Montague and Juliet is a Capulet. Montague's and capulet's are enemies and shouldn't be together. Romeo and Juliet arrange to get married and friar Lawrence agrees to marry them in secret. Juliet is already engaged Paris. Mean wile Juliet's family are planning the wedding of her and Paris. Juliet visited Friar Lawrence and he provides her with a sleeping drug that will make her look dead for 24 hours, this means that Juliet will miss the arranged marriage with Paris. ...read more.


Romeo lets his anger get the better of him; this shows when he kills Tybalt and then later Paris. Juliet Juliet shouldn't have gone against what her parents had said. Juliet was just as hasty at rushing into things like Romeo. Before the ball Juliet had been very happy with Paris and the fact that she was going to be wed to him. If Romeo had never gone to the ball Juliet would be very happy. The Prince The prince should have stopped the hatred between the two families much earlier. It was very wrong of him to send Romeo away from Verona to punish him for the killing of Tybalt when Tybalt started the fight in the first place. Lord and Lady Capulet They were also responsible for the keeping of the feud. If there weren't a feud then Romeo and Juliet wouldn't have to keep their relationship a secret. They should have talked to Juliet about the marriage and asked her opinions. They wasn't very understanding parents the only person that really understood Juliet was the nurse that had brought her up all her life. ...read more.


Friar didn't get the news that Juliet had only taken sleeping pills witch also caused the death of the couple. The nurse She encouraged Romeo and Juliet with her romantic ideas. The nurse carried messages from one to another and helped them meet secretly. She knew about their plans to get married and was exited for their marriage. The fact that she was exited made Juliet more ambitious this hurried up their plans and if time was taken then the deaths may not have happened. The nurse should have told Juliet's parents about her plans. If they knew they wouldn't have let her continue to get married but she wouldn't be dead. She messed Juliet head around by also encouraging her to marry Paris, knowing that she was already married to Romeo. I think that Friar Lawrence was most responsible for the death of Romeo and Juliet as he was the one that provided Juliet with the sleeping pills, not delivering the plans to Romeo and agreeing to marry them in the first place. If Friar Lawrence didn't get involved in the first place then I don't think that Romeo and Juliet would be dead. ...read more.

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