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Who is to blame for the tragic death of Romeo and Juliet, The Nurse or Friar Laurence?

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Who is to blame for the tragic death of Romeo and Juliet, The Nurse or Friar Laurence? Romeo and Juliet set in Verona Italy, is one of the many plays written by William Shakespeare and also one of the many tragedies. It was this tragedy that could only stop the feud between two warring families. Shakespeare makes it very simple that although this tale of two 'star-crossed' lovers is a tragedy. That they are in no way to blame for the fate that befalls them. Instead the blame has gone partly to their two families who have had an ancient feud between one another, if it was not for this Tybalt and Juliet would not of died and Romeo not exiled from Verona. Shakespeare added the two characters Friar Laurence and the nurse to mould the play together and also to make it more interesting. It was also because of these two characters that changed the fate of the two protagonists. He also added them to maintain the suspense within the play. Part of this is also the fault of the prince of Verona, as he did not introduce a strict ban against duelling between the two families Montague and Capulet until somebody died in the end. In the following essay I will analyse friar Laurence and the nurse's contributions, consider the actions, decision and what options they had throughout the play that could have turned it around, and at the end I will come to a final decision of who actually was to blame for this tragic yet necessary death to stop the bloody killings between the families. ...read more.


There are many things they could have had done differently the main one was to be patient and just think about the marriage at least overnight so that they were sure that they knew what they were doing and also to think of the after affects of their marriage. Friar Laurence could have also tried to talk them out of marriage but instead they gave into them and arranged the marriage. Friar Laurence also did what he did because he hoped that it would halt the bloody feud between the two families of montages and Capulet, but he was wrong. Capulet and montages were both of the same nobility and standard. They had many options but they did not open their eyes and think about them even once. If Juliet's parent had just made the wedding arrangement few weeks earlier than everything would have been fine Juliet and Romeo would be alive and Juliet would be happily married to Paris as she would of not know Romeo. Like I said earlier on in the essay it is not just friar Laurence and the nurse fault for the death of these two 'star-crossed' lovers it was also partly the prince fault for not introducing a strict ban against the two families fighting each other but he did not do this and this lead to many death. If the prince had introduced this ban then it would benefit everyone Mercutio and Tybalt would not of died Romeo would not of been exiled from Verona leading to both his and Juliet's death. ...read more.


So whose fault is it, everybody could of prevented this if only they had thought about the consequences, I believe that they are all partly to blame for the fate that had befallen them. But there is one character I believe strongly that was to blame for everybody death in this tale of wretchedness and death. That person is Friar Laurence. He is the person who could of just by saying no made everything not tragic, the reason for this is because he was the only one who could get them married with out anybody realising. If he had just said no, none of this would of happened. It was friar Laurence who could stop it then and there but instead he decided not to which ended in the lover's deaths. He was the one who made all the plans and ideas he was the one who had all the bright ideas but they were not as bright as they thought. Because of these actions that he made he has turned two family's lives upside down. So this makes him the person to blame for the deaths of the two lovers. If only Friar Laurence had though about his actions and not been thinking just about Romeo and Juliet's feelings. If friar Laurence did not marry them thinking that it would bury the furious feud between the two families then everything would not be as it is now. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ali Khan Page 1 4/27/2007 C:\Documents and Settings\Zareen Arshad\My Documents\rutlish school\yr10ICT\English coursework\who is to blame nurse or friar lawrence essay.doc ...read more.

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