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Who Or What Is To Blame For The Death Of Eddie Carbone?

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A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller Who Or What Is To Blame For The Death Of Eddie Carbone? 'A View from the Bridge' is a 1950's play written by Arthur Miller. It follows the same structure as an Ancient Greek tragedy, where the main actor and in this case Eddie Carbone falls to a tragic and yet a predictable inflicted death. I will be explaining the difference in culture between America and Italy and how this could have affected the outcome of the play. The play 'A View from the Bridge' was written by Arthur Miller and is set in Brooklyn America. The scenes are mainly set near the docks and in the apartment, where Mr. Carbone and the immigrants live. Eddie Carbone is the traditional Italian-American man. He cares about his family and how he is perceived in the public by his friends. He is highly opinionated, physically strong and hard to reason with once his mind has been set on something. Like most Italian men in the 1950's, he migrated to America to gain employment. This was probably done illegally and this lays the basis of the play and the unravelling of events, down to illegal migration. Eddie and Beatrice are married. Beatrice's nice Catherine, stays with them. The problems leading up to Eddie's death began when Beatrice's cousins Marco and Rodolpho (brothers) come to stay with them, they are illegal immigrants. Eddie disliked Rodolpho from the very first day. ...read more.


The fact that Eddie went to Alferi, a lawyer, shows his erroneous love for Catherine. In the area where they live, people do not approach people of law because a lot of illegal things go on. He normally is against law but now is trying to make the law work in his direction. Eddie does not go to Alferi with the intention of telling the immigration officers but when he sees that there is no other way of getting rid of them, he did. Beatrice is Eddie's wife but in the play, this is not always apparent because he is always thinking about Catherine. Beatrice has never had a child so treats Catherine as her own. There are hints right from the start that she is aware of Eddie's feelings for Catherine, she tries to confront Eddie about the issue. When Beatrice tells Eddie, he is getting too close to Catherine, he reacts in an explosive and destructive way, this is because he can not handle the truth that he is hearing and he is trying to block it out. Beatrice is trying to manoeuvre round the issue in a safe calm way but in the end, has to come out with what she said a long time ago. She continually tried to be the calming influence. At the end, however, she remains to Eddie, choosing to stay with him rather than attend Catherine's wedding.' ...read more.


Eddie was condescended to the fantasy world when he saw Catherine as his lover and could not see that this could never be possible and because of this, he was driven to lose control of his actions. It was this incestuous love that made him resort to measures of protecting his identity and his name in the community. His acts were wild because he acted fully on his instincts. Eddie believed in loyalty to family and community but it was this same loyalty that made him become disloyal to Rodolpho and Marco and break the community code. His tragic death was caused by unending conflict between the two cultures. Electing the American or Italian way of life would have made life easier. For this, he is an outcaste in his society. If Eddie had accepted the fact, he could never have controlled Catherine as 'his territory' forever, maybe, he would still be alive. Eddie was motivated by obsession of something he cannot have, Catherine. Eddie knew, he cannot have Catherine and cannot see life living without her. So accepts his death. This is symbolised with his own knife stabbing him to death. From this, it was clear that Eddie was responsible for his own death with little help from Marco, to try and regain 'his name'. It was all these problems he mainly insinuated that caused his death allowing him to be shattered and enduring the torture and hell he made for himself. Kelechi Ukaegbu ...read more.

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