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Who was to Blame for the Deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

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Who was to Blame for the Deaths of Romeo and Juliet? Throughout this essay, I will be analysing which of the characters of Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' were to blame for the 'Star crossed lovers' foretold deaths. Regarding the historical and social context, I will allude to how this influenced the main characters. Set in the Italian city of Verona during the 16th century, the Elizabethan period, laws would allow for marriage between juvenile couples; girls as young as twelve, and boys of fourteen, with parental permission. Marriage enabled families to gain properties, friends and allies among the nobility and gentry. Although women were awfully limited to their homes and had rights and responsibilities immensely different to those of men, most women were perfectly happy and comfortable with their arranged marriages. Opportunistic Lord Capulet saw Juliet marrying Paris as a chance for further wealth and status. Overpowered by haste and violence throughout the play, Romeo Montague is continually deluded by various women. At the start of the play, Romeo predicts his own death, as he declares that he would die for love, he is influenced by fate. ...read more.


Carelessly yearning for her pain to end, suicide is perpetually an option once incidents had not resulted to her liking, evident at Romeo's death, 'O happy dagger. This is thy sheath. There rust, and let me die', Juliet committed suicide by attaining a dagger. Boasting disobedience, Juliet deceives her parents when marrying Romeo, although the Nurse is seen to her as the dominant parental figure. Placing too much trust within the Nurse lead only to betrayal, whilst the Nurse continued to be the only person Juliet could rely on. The stars had predicted failure of the couple form the beginning of the play, 'Star crossed lovers'. Perhaps the dominant parental figure to Juliet, the Nurse holds too much sway over Juliet's actions. Secretive towards Juliet's parents, the Nurse encourages Juliet's relationship with Romeo excessively. The Nurse got over exited about the young love, having lost her youth she lives through Romeo and Juliet. She helped the lovers to meet and get married secretly when she should have let Juliet's parents know what was occurring. One morning, Romeo and Juliet are in her bedroom, the Nurse warns them that Lady Capulet is coming, 'Your lady mother is coming to your chamber. ...read more.


Responsible for getting the news to Romeo of Juliet's sleeping drug, the news never reaches him after trusting another friar to do the important deed, allowing Romeo to believe that Juliet was dead. Fate stops his chosen method of a letter by a plague. When the plan goes terribly wrong, he leaves Juliet to die in the tomb and does not try hard enough to get her out; being too concerned about his own escape. Each character mentioned played a key role in the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, with their minor actions resulting in greater loss for both houses. Their deeds spread across the Five Acts, I believe that the blame should be held to the character at the route of the problem; Peter the messenger. If he were able to read, he would not have enlisted to help of Romeo. This crucial reading allowed for Romeo to know of the Capulets Ball, although in hope of seeing Rosaline. In the event that another, literate messenger was appointed to deliver the message, Romeo would never know of the Ball, and would perhaps never see his fair Juliet. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Rachel Jose ...read more.

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