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Why and how does Eddie Carbone change as the play progresses? What leads to his death? How do you think an audience would respond to the changes in his personality as they watch him destroy himself?

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Why and how does Eddie Carbone change as the play progresses? What leads to his death? How do you think an audience would respond to the changes in his personality as they watch him destroy himself? My essay is about a play called A View From The Bridge. The play is set in the 1940s in Brooklyn New York. The play is about a man called Eddie Carbone, who is a hard working long shore man. He lives with his wife Beatrice and her niece Catherine. They have raised Catherine, as they have no children of their own. As the play progresses two new characters are introduces. Their names are Rodolpho and Marco, they play two brothers who are illegal immigrants, and they are also Beatrice's cousins. They have come to America to make money for their family in Italy. The theme of the play changes later in play when Catherine finds herself falling in love with Rodolpho. Eddie, although Catherine's uncle, has very strong feeling for her and does not like the idea of Catherine and Rodolpho being together so tries to make it seam that Rodolpho is gay. ...read more.


I want you to be in a nice office; a lawyer's offices maybe, some place in New York one of them nice buildings. I mean if your going to get out get out of here don't go partially in the same kind of neighbourhood". The themes in this play are love, sexuality, conflict, jealously, betrayal, hatred, obsession, loyalty, justice, respect and dignity. The play is based on an Italian family. In an Italian family the belief is that they should not turn on their family in times of need. Eddie does not believe this because he turned on his family when they needed him. This means that Eddie does not have an Italian belief otherwise he would not of done this. I think the reason that he done this was because he is obsessed with Catherine. When Eddie realised that Catherine was grown up and in love this is when his character changed. Eddie started to get jealous when he realised how well Catherine and Rodolpho were getting along. ...read more.


I feel sorry for Marco because he is a good person trying to give his family a good future but Eddie destroys his plans. I also feel sorry for Rodolpho because he done what everyone does, falls in love. We can tell that he is a good person because he tries to make up with Eddie. I think Beatrice has no self-esteem because she does everything that Eddie tells her and does not stick up for herself. I think that Eddie is helpless. He is obsessed with work and I think that he has no future. I think that because he did not get his only hope that he did not mind dying. I do not feel sorry for Eddie dying because he is a back stabber and should not of done what he done. I think that he is very over protective and over reacted when he found out that Catherine was in love. The audiences' reaction might be different to mine but I was shocked when Marco killed Eddie because I thought that it might have been Rodolpho that killed him because of all the things that Eddie done to him. Rachel James GCSE English ...read more.

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