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Why Did Lloyd Gearge Fall From Power

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How important were Lloyd George's Attitudes and Antics in his fall from Power? After the First World War many countries faced major problems. These were extremely difficult economical problems, high levels of unemployment and most people were depressed as they would have lost someone they knew and loved in the war. Any prime minister that ruled Britain would have found it very difficult to lead the country in such post-war problems. A liberal named Lloyd George was the man to do so. He was head of a coalition which the conservatives were the majority. Lloyd George came into power in 1918 and lasted four incredibly difficult years until 1922. This was a massive achievement in itself as Britain was in such a vulnerable position in post war circumstances. Lloyd George was a very popular political leader as he appealed to many types of people especially the working class as he was the war time leader that guided Britain to victory and that he stated he wanted 'a fit country for heroes to live in' and to make Germany pay 'the whole cost of the war'; this is one reason why the conservatives allowed him to head the coalition. Another reason why the conservatives wanted him to head the coalition was that he would be the person that would take the blame if anything went wrong in such problematic times for Britain. ...read more.


This outraged the miners who formed a triple alliance between the railway, transport and general workers and themselves the miners. They threatened a General Strike but on the 15th April the miner's allies abandoned the idea, the miners were furious and regarded this as betrayal. The miners continued their strike, which lasted three months, but without support they could not win on any of their fronts. They returned to work and soon afterwards workers in other trades faced wage reductions. Lloyd George had just solved the problem of a general strike but he was losing support rapidly from the workers. A reduction in government revenue due to the expense of unemployment benefits and a dip in business profits lead to a committee lead by Sir Eric Geddes, which recommended drastic cuts in government spending, was set up. The government took this advice and saved �64 million. This policy became known as the Geddes act. The government saved money by reducing expenditure on the army, navy, education, health services and council house buildings. Many believed that Lloyd George was doing the Conservatives dirty work for them as it was not really affecting the rich but was very damaging for the poor as they had many necessities damaged. On the other hand Lloyd George did make errors which led to his downfall as prime minister; one of these errors was when he sent in British troops into to help the anti-Bolshevik forces in the Russian civil war. ...read more.


Lloyd George's antics had been to blame for his fall in popularity as he had a reputation for sleeping around with other MPs wives, as u can imagine this enraged many MPs. Before his election as leader of the coalition he didn't have his whole liberal party supporting him as they deemed him untrustworthy. He used to sell Honours for his own personal fortune which was deemed unreasonable by many. He used to use his position to his advantage as he used to play the stock market to his advantage as he had inside knowledge because of his high position, this lead to him acquiring a small personal fortune due of his seedy antics and by abusing his position as leader of the country. The conservatives had used him to get Britain through the toughest few years after the war and now had no more use for him as they could replace him with Bonar Law becoming the leader and the conservatives taking full control. In conclusion I believe that Lloyd George's attitudes and Antics were important but not very significant as the conservatives knew what they wanted to get out of him, and from day one his days were numbered as prime minister. If he averted some negative incidents then maybe he could have had another term in power but not much after that. I believe that the main incident that caused Lloyd George to fall from power was the Chanak crisis as it put the 'cherry on top' for the conservatives. This was because Lloyd George lost much respect of many people. ?? ?? ?? ?? Deniz Hilmi 1 ...read more.

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