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Why do you think Conan Doyle's crime

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Why do you think Conan Doyle's crime stories have been so popular? I'm going to closely examine same of Conan Doyle's stories in order to show why they have proved to be so popular. Conan Doyle has been branded the "father of crime fiction" because he was an outstanding author among the first crime stories writers. First of all I would like to focus our attention on the first story which were published in "The Strand magazine" in the 1800s At some point during this period Conan Doyle decided not to write for the magazines and this led to an excessive plummeting of the sales off "the Strand". Some readers made a profit much to demonstrate the withdraw of Doyle's stories. This suggests that the stories had become quite popular. Now, let us look at "The Speckled Band" there is no doubt that it is a fantastic and captivating narrative. The narrative structure of "The Speckled Band" according to Tzventan Todorov starts with "Equilibrium disruptions or conflict and new equilibrium". These theories suggest that the narrative is driven by the need to resolve a conflict or a complication. In fact most of Conan Doyle's narratives have adopted this underlying this structure. It is not a surprise then that the stories command a huge market share. The opposing forces which form the main themes of Doyle's stories are: Good Vs Evil, Strong Vs Weak, Villain Vs Hero and Rationality Vs Irrationality. Going back to "The Speckled Band", Dr Roylott is portrayed as an irrationality villain who was driven by greed. The opening of "The Speckled Band" is devoted to the remarkable quality of Sherlock Holmes. ...read more.


"No; we don't keep a cat. But there is a cheetah and a baboon." Sherlock Holmes in "The Speckled Band" likes to be in the spot rather then working with the spot he likes to get in the heart of the crime and find the mysteries key. "In the first place, both my friends and I must spend the night in your room." He said this to Helen Stoner. Conan Doyle like to introduction the audience as a part of the crime as if he/she was Sherlock Holmes, it gives then a clear understanding if the clues and the methods which are being used. Many readers enjoy matching their wits against Sherlock Holmes, trying to see if they can solve the mystery along with him. This is usually a task doomed to failure because of the first-person narrative style, in which the detective's less-intelligent friend Watson tells the story and is as amazed as any reader when the detective reveals his solution.' "The Red-Headed League," like Doyle's other detective stories, presents a detailed portrait of turn-of-the-century London and gives readers glimpses of a society undergoing rapid change. Among these changes are alterations in the class structure, Britain's rise as a world economic power, and urban growth-along with a rising crime rate. As he attempts to restore a social order threatened by criminals like those in "The Red-Headed League," Sherlock Holmes embodies the values of intelligence and individual achievement. Readers still are interested in Conan Doyle's stories; in "The Red-Headed League" this story is a mystery narrative which pulls up many clues and solutions which draw the reader attention. ...read more.


This method of which Conan Doyle has used towards Sherlock Holmes really does shock the audience, maybe because woman were under classed which this story was written. The way Holmes plays tricks on Irene Adler failures to work, Conan Doyle uses Sherlock Holmes to throw him in the center of the sense. Which puts Sherlock Holmes down in front of the audience plus when he gets defeated by a women, this pulls the audience more into the story. In the story the scene of the live action really pulls the story together it makes the story move fast which really engaged the audiences into Conan Doyle's narratives. All in all I thing that Conan Doyle' stories have been popular to people due to the effect it has on people. As when I have been reading these stories to answer my question, I have found out that these stories that Conan Doyle has something to learn from them every time a story is read. As these stories were written in the 1800s times were different to now, Conan Doyle's language used is very formal, and where by there is no informal language used. In every story I have read Sherlock Holmes always like to be in the lead of his clients, he finds out information on his clients by glancing at them in detail. When most stories are told they are told by Dr Watson who is a colleague of Sherlock Holmes, this also makes the audience more into the story, rather than being told the problem they are brought into it. I have come across that Conan Doyle's has been popular because he has come up with many good stories which could appeal to people in real life and help them solve life's problem. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Sagar Solgama 12GI ...read more.

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